Student struck by rare cancer called papillary renal cell carcinoma

A 20-year-old university student was told by her doctor she had heartburn from partying too much. Now she’s fighting for her life. A university student who had been diagnosed with “booze-induced heartburn” was horrified to discover that she actually had an incurable cancer. “It’s literally turned my life upside down,” Georgia Ford, 20, told Kennedy … Read more

Maddie McCann: Eeyore pyjama fibres reportedly found in Christian B’s van

The prosecutor leading the charge on Madeleine McCann’s disappearance has made a telling statement during a TV interview. Fibers from Madeleine McCann’s patterned pink Eeyore pajamas are believed to have been found in the prime suspect Christian B’s VW Camper van. The bombshell claim emerged as Kate and Gerry McCann marked the 15th anniversary of … Read more

New Zealand cameraman Joseph Day found dead after UK disappearance

The body of the missing New Zealander Joseph Day has been found days after he disappeared without a trace in the UK, leaving behind his Shattered fiancee. A New Zealander who disappeared from his home in the UK on Saturday night has been found dead just hours after his mysterious final text was Revealed. Joseph … Read more

New mum fights choriocarcinoma, a one-in-50,000 rare cancer

A new mum was in high spirits after giving birth but within weeks she received a rare one-in-50,000 diagnosis that even the nurses had to google. Just eight days after giving birth, Darlene Lynch beamed as she walked her best friend down the aisle. “I was in great form,” the 32-year-old recalled. “I had a … Read more

Children cover themselves and the kitchen in white paint which costs their mother $880 to fix

A mother-of-two was met with a nasty surprise after she left her children for a few minutes while she went to the bathroom. Five minutes was all it took. But the aftermath cost her $ 880 and quite a headache. A mum in the UK left her two children alone for just a few minutes … Read more

James Corden announces he’s quit the Late Late Show, will leave in 2023

The popular British TV host has announced they will depart his hugely-popular late night talk show, turning down a multimillion-dollar deal. James Corden has announced he’s leaving his popular talk show, The Late Late Show. The 43-year-old UK TV presenter, who has hosted the long-running Los Angeles-based show since 2015, will host as host in … Read more

Plus-size passenger rips airline over plane seat size on flight, but TikTok blames her

A plus-sized passenger ripped an airline when she couldn’t fit into her seat on a flight – but people are saying it’s “not the airline’s fault, honey”. A plus-size passenger has gone viral on TikTok after slamming an airline for the size of its seats and aisle – but some social media users say she’s … Read more

Gymshark activewear brand slammed over diversity

The Trendy activewear brand has been criticized after a behind-the-scenes image from a photo-shoot leaked online, exposing a glaring issue. The Trendy activewear brand is facing backlash after an image taken during a Women’s photo-shoot leaked online. The behind-the-scenes image surfaced online Thursday from a Gymshark shoot in London, where several models could be seen … Read more

How a thin woman fell in love with an obese man

Sienna Keera, 27, traveled halfway across the world to meet her plus-sized fiance George Keywood but people can’t believe she’d want to be with him. I settled onto the couch with my fiance George after putting our two-year-old son, Oliver, to bed for the night. Opening up TikTok, the video sharing site, I saw one … Read more

Johnny Depp trial: Jennifer Gray recalls dating the actor in the ’80s

Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Gray has opened up about what it was like dating Johnny Depp in the ’80s amid the actor’s messy court battle. Dirty Dancing icon Jennifer Gray has declared her ’80s relationship with Johnny Depp “af *** ing bonfire,” admitting it was the “first time” she experienced love in her life – … Read more