Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: Lawyers are glad Heard mentioned Kate Moss in testimony

Sources close to Johnny Depp have explained why his Lawyers were spotted fist-pumping when Amber Heard mentioned one detail during her testimony. Johnny Depp’s Lawyers were spotted fist-pumping when Amber Heard suddenly brought up Kate Moss during her testimony last week – because the name-drop has the potential to help their case. The gesture by … Read more

Student struck by rare cancer called papillary renal cell carcinoma

A 20-year-old university student was told by her doctor she had heartburn from partying too much. Now she’s fighting for her life. A university student who had been diagnosed with “booze-induced heartburn” was horrified to discover that she actually had an incurable cancer. “It’s literally turned my life upside down,” Georgia Ford, 20, told Kennedy … Read more

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Defamation trial’s weeklong break gives Depp’s team advantage, expert says

The explosive court showdown between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has hit a break – and it’s given the Pirates of the Caribbean star a huge advantage. Johnny Depp’s Defamation trial is a scheduled week long break after the world listed to a Parade of Witnesses, including Amber Heard, Testify in recent days. Depp is … Read more

Constance Hall says Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case proves society has ‘failed women’

The Australian mummy Blogger has said the “ridiculous” public reaction to Heard’s domestic abuse claims proves we have a huge issue. “Humorous and degrading” videos mocking alleged domestic abuse victim Amber Heard are proof we’ve failed women, says Australian mummy Blogger Constance Hall. The mum-of-four took to Facebook to argue the shocking public reaction to … Read more

Mum and adopted son’s ‘mind-blowing’ sex horrifies internet

A man given up for adoption has left the internet in shock after detailing his “Incredible” sex life after falling in love with his Biological mother. A jaw-dropping story about a man describing the “mind-blowing sex” he has with his Biological mother after has left the internet in shock. Ben Ford, 32, was Originally adopted … Read more

Our Skin children’s book blames racism on white people

An “inflammatory” children’s book teaches kids as young as two that the concept of race was created by white people who claimed they were “better than everybody else”. An “inflammatory” children’s book being distributed to New York City schools teaches children as young as two that the concept of race was created by white people … Read more

DoorDash driver is ‘guardian angel’ after saving dying woman’s life

A DoorDash driver is being hailed as a Hero after she leapt into action to save an unconscious customer. A food delivery driver is being hailed as a Hero after she leapt into action to save an unconscious customer. Sophia Furtado, 26, was delivering a pizza to Caryn Hebert Sullivan and preparing to end her … Read more

Dad ‘haunted’ after son becomes third Navy recruit in one week to take their own life

Warning: Content in this story may distress some Readers Fresh out of high school, Xavier Hunter Sandor radiated with pride as he enlisted in the US Navy on August 24, 2021. He beamed in his uniform, knowing his grandfather and Uncle had also once worn the same dress blues. For more Human Interest related news … Read more

Tennis ball attack leaves US 6yo scarred

Horrifying new details have emerged after a 6-year-old boy was attacked by bullies with a flaming tennis ball, leaving him with severe facial burns. A six-year-old Connecticut boy who suffered severe facial burns when a neighborhood bully allegedly threw a flaming tennis ball at him was released from the hospital on Monday. Dominick Krankall was … Read more

Gracemere girl, 3, found on childcare bus fighting for life in central Qld

The dad of a three-year-old who was found in a hot bus said his daughter was the “heart of the daycare,” as she fights for her life in hospital. A three-year-old toddler is fighting for her life after she was left on a hot childcare bus for several hours. The father of the young girl, … Read more