Russian sanctions impact Indian diamond workers

An estimated 250,000 members of India’s diamond cutting and polishing industry have been placed on unpaid leave for two weeks. The work moratorium was the result of a major supply disruption in Surat, the Indian center of the diamond trade. The ongoing economic sanctions against the Russian Mining company Alrosa, installed by the US, EU … Read more

N.Korea: ‘Positive trend’ in COVID fight

For the first time in nearly 10 days, North Korea’s daily “Fever” cases dropped below 200,000, state media reports calling it “a positive trend.” The COVID-19 wave, declared on May 12, has fueled concerns over a lack of vaccines, inadequate medical infrastructure and a potential food crisis in the country of 25 million. It has … Read more

TikTok Is Obsessed With the “Gym Lips” Makeup Trend ‘Cause It’s so Damn Easy — See Video

Gym lips. If you haven’t heard of this TikTok-viral makeup phrase, it might not be what you’re thinking it is. It’s not a new type of plastic surgery or a plumping effect your lips might get after running on the treadmill – it’s a new trend we’ve been seeing all over social media and a … Read more

4 trends shaping payments today

Welcoming over 300 people from 55 countries to PayTech 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal, Ingenico’s Michel Leger, Giulio Montemagno and Eric Duforest laid the Foundations for the new world of Commerce and explored four Trends shaping the market, the Ecosystem and the retail world in a profound way. 1. Payments aren’t getting easier Stating that there … Read more

Jeweller’s conference a raging success

Nationwide Jewelers’ celebrated 30 years of business with a three-day conference which has received rave reviews from attendees. This year’s conference was titled ‘Time Out-Time to Shine’ and ran from 13-15 May in Brisbane. More than 140 members representing 88 stores attended while a record 49 suppliers attended the buying conference with exhibitions spread across … Read more

‘Not happy’: Woolies slammed over ‘common’ trend

Woolworths customers have fired up at the multinational company after they discovered their “fresh” flowers had been “spray painted” pink over the Mother’s Day period. Three Furious shoppers took to social media to post photos of the Bizarre act, showing the paint in question on the leaves and stems of the supermarket-bought flowers. “Clearly I … Read more

‘Accused’: Abigail Breslin & Aisha Dee Cast in Fox Anthology Series | Entertainment

In their Episode, Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Dee (The Bold Type) will play Esme Brewer and Aaliyah Harris, a couple who take justice into their own hands after a white nationalist plows their car through a peaceful demonstration and gets away unscathed. With local police unable to find the driver, Esme and Aaliyah take … Read more

Liberia Broadcasting System Reclaims Its 89.9 Frequency Squarely for Entertainment

Paynesville – The Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), as part of an effort to expand its coverage in information dissemination and entertainment programs, over the weekend dedicated its first national music and entertainment radio station, named and styled: “ELBC Metro FM 89.9”. The LBS on Friday dedicated Metro 89.9FM as part of its five-year strategic plan … Read more

New blockchain digital provenance platform launched

De Beers Group has launched a blockchain-backed diamond sourcing platform. The program is named Tracr and aims to offer improved trust in diamond provenance for consumers and traders, and will also be used to identify potential inefficiencies within the value chain. The term ‘blockchain’ is used to describe a distributed database that is shared among … Read more