Warm and cosy: The latest bedroom trends

It’s the area of ​​the home that becomes now appealing to retreat to winter, and the latest bedroom Trends will create spaces so inviting, it will be virtually impossible to emerge from those cozy layers in the morning. A new season always marks a new wave of bedroom styles but that doesn’t mean you need … Read more

‘Not happy’: Woolies slammed over ‘common’ trend

Woolworths customers have fired up at the multinational company after they discovered their “fresh” flowers had been “spray painted” pink over the Mother’s Day period. Three Furious shoppers took to social media to post photos of the Bizarre act, showing the paint in question on the leaves and stems of the supermarket-bought flowers. “Clearly I … Read more

Woolworths supermarket responds to claims it ‘spray paints’ its fresh flowers after complaints on Facebook and Twitter

Woolworths has responded to claims that the supermarket has been “spray painting” the fresh flowers for sale in its bouquets. Three Woolies customers have taken to social media in as many days to share photos of Blooms which appear to have been painted pink. In some of the images, the green leaves and stalks around … Read more

Skincare alert: Dermatologist suggests five essential swaps for summer season

The summer season calls for some necessary changes in your diet, fitness, and skin and hair care routine. The hot and humid weather dehydrates the skin, leaving it irritated, red, and dry; increased sweat and oil production clogs up the pores leading to acne breakouts. Thus, it’s essential to adjust and change your skincare routine … Read more

Queensland mum Sushannah Taylor are forced to live in a tent after being left homeless as Australia’s rental crisis escalates

A family-of-four have been forced to live in a tent after their struggles of finding a house led to homelessness – as the rental market crisis across Australia escalates. Sushannah Taylor, 20, was living in a rental home with her husband Tristan, 22, and their two daughters – Delilah, aged two, and six-month-old Luna – … Read more

You can accommodate your language, both body and verbal, to build rapport with people’: Lynne Franklin

Lynne Franklin, an author and a member of the National Speaker Association, talks and teaches on “how the body of a person communicate”. In her Tedx Talk, she began by asking a question, “How would you like to be a Mind Reader?”, Adding that “Body language of a people will tell you all day long … Read more

Urgent warning for eczema sufferers following extreme weather events as eight-month-old baby is ‘covered’ in welts

An Australian mother has shared her Nightmare ordeal after her eight-month-old baby had a devastating eczema flare-up, which experts warn could be a result of recording pollen levels across the country from severe weather events. Shocking images show young Isaiah, who suffers from allergies and eczema, with red welts completely covering his body. The family … Read more

Sunrise’s David ‘Kochie’ Koch Shocked to discover how small one part of Sam Mac’s body is

Sam Mac was in for the Ultimate “Stitch-up” when Sunrise co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch exposed just how small his feet really are. Sam, who is currently filling in for Larry Emdur on The Morning Show, has been sharing a dressing room with his colleague Kochie, a change to his usual travel commitments as the Sunrise … Read more

Aussie newlywed left quadriplegic after romantic Blue Mountains getaway on why first thing she asked for was divorce

Paralyzed in her hospital bed, Carol Taylor looked solemnly up at her new husband Robert. “The first thing I told him was I wanted a divorce,” she tells 7Life. After a horrific car crash compressed her spinal cord, leaving her a quadriplegic, the last thing Carol wanted was to imprison her able-bodied husband as she … Read more