Sunday Zodiac: Which signs are born artistes?

There are some people who have creativity running in them. Some develop themselves over time, but let’s face it, creativity is an inborn Talent and you can only hone these skills. There are some zodiac signs who are Blessed with it. So scroll down to know if your friend or partner is one of them, … Read more

Summer special: The many health benefits of muskmelon or kharbuja

It is important to keep oneself hydrated during summer, and as such, consume hydrating fluids, vegetables and fruits during the hot months. One such popular, seasonal fruit that is easily available in the summer season is kharbuja or muskmelon. The juicy fruit is not only Delicious to eat, but also comes packed with numerous health … Read more

‘I can consume 200 grams of vegetables in various forms’: Bhumi Pednekar on her diet, sustainable lifestyle

Bhumi Pednekar has created a niche for herself not just as an actor, but also as an Advocate of healthy living and clean eating. The Badhaai Do star, who is a vegetarian, has been a climate activist as well as a social campaigner who believes it is necessary to raise a voice to create awareness … Read more

Sunday Zodiac: Some negative traits each sign needs to work on

All of us have something negative in us and these issues can be a major hindrance in our lives. So, if you want to identify and work on them, scroll down to read what renowned Bengaluru-based astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji has listed out exclusively for each zodiac sign. Aries Aries must work on their arrogance. … Read more

From recycling to taking public transport: Survey on what urban Indians would like to do to reduce pace of climate change

Recycling materials such as glass, paper, and plastic has topped the list of personal actions that urban Indians would like to adopt to contribute towards the environment and Earth’s health, and reduce the rate of climate change. According to Ipsos Global Earth Day 2022 Survey released on World Earth Day 2022 on April 22, two … Read more

Ukrainian artist makes cultural stand at Venice Biennale

Artist Pavlo Makov’s role representing Ukraine at the Venice Biennale has become an act of defiance against the Russian Invaders, whose attacks on his adopted Hometown of Kharkiv have grown more intense in recent days. Not only do the Russians intend to take over his country, the Russian-born Ukrainian national says, but they are also … Read more

‘Hoping to change our fairness fixation’: Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy, who is back from her Maldives vacation, penned a note on loving “my post-holiday tan“. The actor that that is essential to embrace one’s skin tone without any second thoughts. “De-tan? No thank you ma’am. Chocolate caramel Dusky yummy skin tone. I absolutely love my post-holiday tan, ”she wrote on Instagram. Sameera, who … Read more

Kriti Sanon sweats it out in the gym and how

The feeling of achieving one’s workout goals cannot be described in words. But to get there, one needs to put in a lot of hardwork and give it time. Looks like actor Kriti Sanon also believes in the same, and hence, is always at the top of her fitness game. The Mimi actor recently shared … Read more

Have leftover food? Try pizza eggs today

Leftover food recipes always tend to pull crowds as they are no doubt easy to whip up and make for a satiating meal. One such recipe that is doing the rounds on the internet is pizza eggs which combines a few Leftover chicken pieces with eggs for a sumptuous breakfast. The video, Originally shared by … Read more

Food festival satiates Delhiites coastal food cravings

Curated by chefs coming all the way from Kerala, an ongoing food festival here is successfully dishing out exotic coastal delicacies such as ‘Kozhi porichathu’ (Travancore style fried chicken) and ‘Chemmeen ularthu Kizhi’ (Kerala style prawns) cooked in banana leaf parcels for the foodies in the capital. The gastronomic extravaganza at Tamasha, Connaught Place is … Read more