Urgent warning for eczema sufferers following extreme weather events as eight-month-old baby is ‘covered’ in welts

An Australian mother has shared her Nightmare ordeal after her eight-month-old baby had a devastating eczema flare-up, which experts warn could be a result of recording pollen levels across the country from severe weather events. Shocking images show young Isaiah, who suffers from allergies and eczema, with red welts completely covering his body. The family … Read more

SA scientists in major leukaemia advance

South Australian Scientists have made a significant advance in overcoming drug resistance among patients with acute myeloid leukemia, a rare blood cancer that kills now sufferers within a few years. Researchers from the University of South Australia and SA Pathology’s Center for Cancer Biology have discovered a way to suppress a specific protein that promotes … Read more

Teen vaccine boost makes up for lost time

Health authorities are turning their attention to broader vaccination targets after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. In NSW, Pharmacies will join a reinvigorated plan for adolescent immunizations for the nearly 80,000 students who missed out on shots when schools were closed during the Pandemic. Authorities will offer human papillomavirus virus and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis shots for people … Read more

Inside postnatal depression by grieving husband whose wife took her own life and that of their baby

Pranaiya Oulapathorn used to say her superpower was sleeping. “She would lie down and get ready for bed, and she’d be asleep within a minute,” said her husband, Hamish Magoffin. WATCH IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Hamish tells his harrowing story For more Health & Wellbeing related news and videos check out Health & Wellbeing >> … Read more

Reporter Chloe Melas, struggling with infertility, details her excruciating two-year battle

Chloe Melas is a Reporter for CNN, covering all things entertainment for the network across platforms. After nearly two years of fertility treatments, she and husband Brian Mazza now have two sons. Here, she shares her story. WATCH IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Chloe details her infertility struggles For more Lifestyle related news and videos check … Read more