4 trends shaping payments today

Welcoming over 300 people from 55 countries to PayTech 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal, Ingenico’s Michel Leger, Giulio Montemagno and Eric Duforest laid the Foundations for the new world of Commerce and explored four Trends shaping the market, the Ecosystem and the retail world in a profound way. 1. Payments aren’t getting easier Stating that there … Read more

NFT trends and opportunities: expert reveals all

Article by KOSEC – Kodari Securities CEO Michael Kodari. The NFT market is growing at an exponential rate, with unprecedented liquidity. The market for NFTs recorded sales worth $ 25 billion in 2021, and one NFT artwork alone fetched a record-breaking figure of $ 69.3 million at a Christie’s sale. Even big brands like Coca … Read more

‘Not happy’: Woolies slammed over ‘common’ trend

Woolworths customers have fired up at the multinational company after they discovered their “fresh” flowers had been “spray painted” pink over the Mother’s Day period. Three Furious shoppers took to social media to post photos of the Bizarre act, showing the paint in question on the leaves and stems of the supermarket-bought flowers. “Clearly I … Read more

Liberia Broadcasting System Reclaims Its 89.9 Frequency Squarely for Entertainment

Paynesville – The Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), as part of an effort to expand its coverage in information dissemination and entertainment programs, over the weekend dedicated its first national music and entertainment radio station, named and styled: “ELBC Metro FM 89.9”. The LBS on Friday dedicated Metro 89.9FM as part of its five-year strategic plan … Read more

After a raise, watch out for lifestyle creep eating into potential savings

In early April, Kelsey Cruz did what many are doing at this time of low unemployment and high demand for talent, she left a job she loved for another that promised her new challenges and a higher salary. In her new role, the 26-year-old Torontonian has managed to get a $ 40,000 a year pay … Read more

Queensland mum Sushannah Taylor are forced to live in a tent after being left homeless as Australia’s rental crisis escalates

A family-of-four have been forced to live in a tent after their struggles of finding a house led to homelessness – as the rental market crisis across Australia escalates. Sushannah Taylor, 20, was living in a rental home with her husband Tristan, 22, and their two daughters – Delilah, aged two, and six-month-old Luna – … Read more

Oz’s Ties to Turkey Attacked in Pennsylvania’s Senate Race Entertainment News

By MARC LEVY, Associated Press HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Mehmet Oz’s rivals in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary for the US Senate are escalating their attacks on the Celebrity heart surgeon’s connections to his parents’ native country of Turkey, raising it as a possible national security issue. Oz, best known as TV’s Dr. Oz, has rejected any … Read more

SeaWorld Entertainment reports loss of $ 9 million in Q1 earnings

article Visitors enter the SeaWorld Amusement Park in Orlando, Florida, US, on Thursday, June 11, 2020. Photographer: Zack Wittman / Bloomberg via Getty Images ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. (SEAS) on Thursday reported a loss of $ 9 million in its first quarter. However, SeaWorld noted that it was the smallest net loss … Read more

Movies Love a Comeback Story. This Summer, It’s Their Turn. | Entertainment News

By LINDSEY BAHR, AP Film Writer This summer at the movies, Tom Cruise is back in the cockpit behind those iconic aviators. Doctors Grant, Sattler and Ian Malcolm are returning for another round with the Dinosaurs. Natalie Portman is picking up Thor’s hammer. And Jordan Peele is boys to terrify us with the unknown. Again. … Read more