Keeping up with cloud trends, keeping costs down

GUEST OPINION: Companies of all sizes — enterprises and small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) Alike — are seeing significant uptakes in their usage of cloud. They’re moving sensitive data to the cloud, relying on multi-cloud strategies, and relying on the cloud more Heavily than they anticipated a year ago (thanks, in part, to COVID-19). Perhaps it’s no … Read more

Trends in overseas and alternative funding – tips to keep the horse before the cart

As Touched on in ‘Why your ESG policy is more than just lip service’, and ‘The Rise of Alternative Funding for Resources Projects’ article in our 2021 edition of Emerging Issues, the focus is shifting from shareholder profits to a wider stakeholder presence continues to be seen and felt in the banking and finance sector. … Read more

‘Not happy’: Woolies slammed over ‘common’ trend

Woolworths customers have fired up at the multinational company after they discovered their “fresh” flowers had been “spray painted” pink over the Mother’s Day period. Three Furious shoppers took to social media to post photos of the Bizarre act, showing the paint in question on the leaves and stems of the supermarket-bought flowers. “Clearly I … Read more

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Defamation trial’s weeklong break gives Depp’s team advantage, expert says

The explosive court showdown between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has hit a break – and it’s given the Pirates of the Caribbean star a huge advantage. Johnny Depp’s Defamation trial is a scheduled week long break after the world listed to a Parade of Witnesses, including Amber Heard, Testify in recent days. Depp is … Read more

Constance Hall says Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case proves society has ‘failed women’

The Australian mummy Blogger has said the “ridiculous” public reaction to Heard’s domestic abuse claims proves we have a huge issue. “Humorous and degrading” videos mocking alleged domestic abuse victim Amber Heard are proof we’ve failed women, says Australian mummy Blogger Constance Hall. The mum-of-four took to Facebook to argue the shocking public reaction to … Read more

Who is hosting Channel 9 leaders debate: Sarah Abo, Deborah Knight, Chris Uhlmann

Viewers of the leaders’ debate have expressed concern over the way both Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison treated host Sarah Abo. Unruly conduct displayed by Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese during Sunday’s leaders’ debate has been labeled “truly terrible” over upsetting treatment of their host. On multiple occasions, the Labor and Liberal leader spoke over … Read more

How Polish expat started her $14m Thermomix empire in Australia

Grace Mazur was visiting a friend in Poland when she discovered a kitchen appliance that would ultimately change her life – and that of Australians. Grace Mazur was on holidays in her native Poland when she discovered a kitchen appliance that would ultimately change her life – and that of Australians. The mother-of-one, who lives … Read more

Canyonleigh cottage offers significant development options

Perched in a 1950s rustic cottage on a large estate has arrived to the market offering buyers the ultimate lifestyle retreat. A cottage built in the 1950s has arrived on the market, offering potential buyers an ideal weekend getaway in less than two hours from Sydney. Brought to market by LJ Hooker agent Sophie Desprez, … Read more

Inside new $80 million Bunnings Pymble store

The popular hardware store has just unveiled its brand new store in NSW – and customers will be quick to notice something very different about it. A new Bunnings store has opened in New South Wales – and it looks very different to your average outlet. The new $ 80 million Pymble store – in … Read more

Coles’ soaring Mother’s Day champagne sales to match Melbourne Cup

It’s an item that inside revenue surge on Melbourne Cup day, but there’s another annual event expected to spark just as many sales. If you thought Coles sold a lot of Champagne for the Melbourne Cup, you would be right – but there’s another annual event that’s expected to spark just as many sales. While … Read more