Warm and cosy: The latest bedroom trends

It’s the area of ​​the home that becomes now appealing to retreat to winter, and the latest bedroom Trends will create spaces so inviting, it will be virtually impossible to emerge from those cozy layers in the morning.

A new season always marks a new wave of bedroom styles but that doesn’t mean you need to take out a personal loan to stay on trend.

Kate Plemper, of Interiors + Ko says you can Breathe new life into your bedroom with little effort and maximum impact.

Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller adds one of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to update your bedroom for the winter is to swap out your bedding.

Cushions and throws are also effective to create a cozy vibe, she adds, and the power of lighting and candles should not be underestimated either.

This year, it’s all about curves, color and texture, and we’ve rounded up the biggest trends to get you started on your bedroom makeover.

Color up

Camera IconWarm, earthy tones and nature inspired decor are trending, according to Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller. Credit: Supplied by Benito Martin

According to Plemper, the palette we’ll see a lot of this year will stay very close to hues you will find in nature, especially warm earthy browns and terracotta tones combined with bursts of darker jewel.

“During the cooler months, we crave warm tones that typically enrich our homes and create cozy sanctuaries away from the outside world,” she says.

Rosen-Biller says the 70s are definitely back, bringing a nostalgic, retro vibe to the home that is warm and welcoming. “For the bedroom, this translates to bedding in rich and earthy shades of rust, terracotta, turmeric and oatmeal and natural timber and rattan furniture.”

Stylist Julia Green, founder of Greenhouse Interiors, says when it comes to your bedroom palette, the most important thing to remember is it’s you who needs to love the space.

“Find a color that you connect with and that makes you feel good,” Green, pictured right and on our cover, says. “There’s no science to it. It’s about what makes you happy. ”

Embrace texture

Earthy tones and a nod to nature will dominate the bedroom Trends this year.
Camera IconEarthy tones and a nod to nature will dominate the bedroom Trends this year. Credit: Adairs

Winter styling is all about the layers, and Plemper suggests embracing combinations of heavy wool coverlets or throws, textural linen cushions, and subtle silks with warm rugs underfoot.

“You want to include textures that feel soft and cozy on the skin, yet remain breathable as you pursue to nestle during the cooler winter months,” she says.

“Bold combinations of textiles and materials, such as timber bedside tables, brass wall lighting and ceramic lamps, can completely transform your bedroom.”

A variety of variations in texture, she says, is enough to create significant visual interest and develop an opulently pleasing bedroom that is the last thing you see each night and the first thing you see the next morning.

Bring the outside in

interior designer Kate Plemper Andrew Ritchie
Camera Iconinterior designer Kate Plemper Andrew Ritchie Credit: Andrew Ritchie/The West Australian

Otherwise known as “biophilic design,” Plemper says this trend advocates the idea that it is good for us to feel connected to nature while we are indoors.

And according to Pinterest, the demand for the trend has soared by 200 per cent.

“Essentially this means plenty of natural daylight while unpolished Timbers, natural stones and fibers and concrete all have a part to play,” Plemper explains.

“The raw, porous nature of these materials add depth, soul and visual intrigue while also simulating the calming vibe of the outdoors. Combine this with plenty of indoor plants, fresh flowers and foliage. ”

In fact, Rosen-Biller is calling nature-inspired decor one of the biggest decor trends for 2022.

“When incorporating this into your bedroom, think bedding and furniture in natural materials, and a palette of muted and earthy colors and shades of green and blue, all of which help us to feel calm and grounded. Houseplants are another way to tap into nature and turn any space into a tranquil sanctuary, ”she says.

Curves ahead

Earthy tones and a nod to nature will dominate the bedroom Trends this year.
Camera IconEarthy tones and a nod to nature will dominate the bedroom Trends this year. Credit: Adairs

We have seen the resurgence of curves over the past two years, and Plemper predicts they are well and truly here to stay.

Rosen-Biller agrees design with curved edges is a trend that is not going anywhere. “From bedheads and chairs to mirrors and lighting, rounded shapes are everywhere. And there’s a reason why we are attracted to interior settings and furniture with rounded contours; they are proven to help us to feel more relaxed, cozy and safe compared to angular designs. ”

Calm spaces

After two tumultuous years, Rosen-Biller says it’s no wonder we are looking to create spaces that evoke tranquility and relaxation at home.

“This trend incorporates minimalism, indoor plants, organic shapes, natural materials and natural colors to create a Soothing bedroom,” she says.

Cost-effective ways to get your bedroom winter-ready

Rosen-Biller’s top four tips for updating your bedroom without breaking the bank:

  • Bedding: Trade in summer’s lighter and brighter hues for something warm and welcoming, like Rust, terracotta or turmeric. Linen is perfect for creating a comfortable and cozy bed year-round as it’s cool in summer and toasty in winter, plus it’s extremely breathable, so you can layer it up without getting sweaty.
  • Cushions and throws: Create a luxurious and cozy vibe with cushions and throws. Where possible, Invest in quality fabrics like wool and linen which will last for years to come and be more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Lighting: It can make such a difference to a room. As the days get Shorter and Darker, swap heavy drapes for Sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains that allow as much Sunlight in as possible while still providing privacy. Aside from the Aesthetic benefits, exposure to Sunlight is proven to help regulate your fashion and your sleep.
  • Candles: They are a simple and inexpensive way to Transform the ambience of your bedroom. They omit a warm glow and deliver Fragrance that can effect your fashion, so opt for Scents that help to create a sense of calm like our Bed Threads Fireside candle with notes of Oud, cedar leaf and star jasmine.


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