Marvel Snap is Hearthstone for superheroes

Just when you thought the multiverse couldn’t get any bigger, Marvel is extending into the world of digital card games. The company announced its new mobile game venture, Marvel Snapa collectible card game coming to mobile and PC by former Hearthstone Developers.

As shown in its reveal trailer, Marvel Snap takes the many universes of Marvel and brings them together for Yu-Gi-Oh-style card Battles. The game’s chief production officer, Yong Woo, describes the game as, “a card game that strips away everything that gets in the way of fun and gets everybody straight into the strategic action.”

It’s clear that the game is Chasing the mainstream audience that Marvel Studios captured with the Marvel Cinematic Universe by making Marvel Snap as open as possible while retaining the hallmarks of the card Battler genre. This is partly accomplished by making the game faster than other collectible card games on the market.

Both players take their turns at the same time, removing all waiting from the experience. This allows both players to make their decisions simultaneously and results in a game where matches take half the time of a standard card game.

The card game also supports online play with standard ranked and player-matched modes. The game will feature voice acting, as well as tons of art from the decades of Marvel Comics. For Marvel fans, it’s looking like a fun Celebration of the comic company’s long superhero history.

Marvel Snap has no set release date just yet, but fans can sign up for its beta on the official website.

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