These Are The 2022 Winter Hair Trends to Know About

Every season, there’s a handful of colors and styles that make their way into our saved Folders. This winter is no different, and now that red carpets and awards season are back in full swing, we’re being presented with 101 new and exciting hair Trends (now of which, we’re dying to try).

Jaye Edwards, stylist, colorist and the Funder of EdwardsAndCo, is someone who’s well across said winter hair Trends, and so we’ve asked him to map out his Favorites – plus some visual References – for the season ahead. From Billie’s Shaggy Wolf to Kendall’s lived-in copper here’s what should be on your Radar right now.


Classic Blow drys

Bouncy, polished ’90s blowouts are having a moment once again. Defined by sky high volume at the roots and a polished, shiny finish, think of this as the Glamorous alternative to texture beach waves. ”

Curtain bangs

Effortless, Shaggy layers that frame the face perfectly are here to stay. They’re both the perfect gateway to full bangs and a killer standalone look. Be warned though, they require daily styling and regular trims. Invest in a quality round brush and a great texture spray. ”

70s bangs

“I love a modern interpretation of iconic 70’s bangs, Originally made famous by Farrah Fawcett. This style is typically parted in the middle of the head, and cut to curve the cheekbones. It’s soft, effortless and works with both long and Shorter Styles. Try a sea salt spray

blunt edges

“Blunt cuts are making a comeback. They make a structured, bold alternative to all the soft, feathery Styles that have defined the last few years. Regardless of your face shape or hair type, a blunt edge is guaranteed to emulate a polished, Timeless Aesthetic. ”

Wolf cuts

“This style has been exploded recently. Characterized by short, choppy layers and heavy bangs, it works well paired with creative color. With this look, it’s important to work with a Trusted stylist to factor in the natural hair texture and face shape to tailor the look. ”


Scandi blonde

“An Instagram and Tiktok favorite, Scandi blonde is blowing up everywhere. This Hue is clean, white and bright – it’s even more high maintenance than a scalp Bleach. It shouldn’t have any yellow or ash tones, so regular gloss and high quality home care is essential. ”

Natural Copper

“One of the biggest color trends we’re seeing right now is natural-looking copper and soft strawberry blonde. I think vibrant red has taken a backseat for now, but I love the softness and warmth of this shade. It’s bold and requires care, but when paired with can be worked with lighter undertones for a finish that’s less “bottle ‘and more’ born with it ‘.”

Peachy Blonde

“Lots of my clients are moving away from cool, Platinum tones in favorite of subtle blush lowlights, smoothed down with classic, light blonde Highlights. It’s perfect for Enhancing your skins natural glow. ”

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