Givaudan develops AI-powered Customer Foresight for insights into evolving F&B trends

18 May 2022 — Givaudan has introduced its novel Customer Foresight “futurescaping platform” that will leverage big data, artificial Intelligence technology and the company’s own expertise to co-create food experiences with customers.

WIth this new platform, customers will be able to detect signals and Emerging Trends to anticipate future potential outcome scenarios, opening opportunities to enhance the current development processes.

Givaudan’s Customer Foresight is currently being piloted in two test markets ahead of its launch in 2023.

“Customer Foresight can help anticipate tomorrow’s challenges and untangle the future of consumer expectations,” remarks Louie D’Amico, president of taste & wellbeing at Givaudan.

“Its power is found in the combination of external mass data and proprietary Givaudan information that is harnessed into highly valuable insights through AI, along with the in-depth knowledge of the food ecosystem that our experts bring to the equation,” she explains.

“This Holistic approach, combining technologies and human expertise, will allow our customers to address the full scope of future consumer needs.”

Analyzing consumer shifts with AI
The F&B industry is facing profound disruption driven by rapidly changing consumer and customer needs.

From enabling the movement to more mindful and planet-friendly diets due to growing environmental concerns, to providing more nutritious food choices and helping consumers achieve their well-being goals, the industry must think differently to address this transformative shift.

Last March, Symrise’s director of functional flavor solutions Dr. Katharina Reichelt spoke to FoodIngredientsFirst in depth about how the technology is taking on an increasingly significant role.

AI is being increasingly leveraged across industry – not only to study the Evolution of consumer needs, but also to develop and scale new functional ingredients.

Last month, Mars, Incorporated announced a multi-year Collaboration with Pipa, an AI food research company, to bring health advancements to food and Accelerate the Discovery of novel, plant-based ingredients.

In other activities, Brightseed is leveraging its Forager AI platform to identify complex Molecular structures and novel compounds in these spice categories.

Givaudan’s latest activities
In 2021, Givaudan earned CHF 6.7 billion (US $ 6.7 billion) in sales with a free cash flow of 12.6%.

Among recent developments, the company Unveiled NaNino +, a patent-pending combination of plant-based ingredients and natural flavorings that can replace nitrite in processed meat, earlier this month.

In February, Givaudan launched its patent-pending PrimeLock +, a vegan-friendly integrated solution that mimics animal fat cells in plant-based product development. Branded a natural ingredient that helps Prolong shelf life and reduce fat, PrimeLock + encapsulates protect and lock in both flavor and fat in meat-free Burgers, sausages and meatballs.

By Benjamin Ferrer

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