The Voice Australia 2022: Coaches throw their shoes at Celestial Utai after show-stopping performance

The shoes came off on The Voice Australia after Celestial Utai’s show-stopping performance during the Blind Auditions.

The 22-year-old proud Samoan singer bravely took on Beyoncé’s Deja Vu, turning three chairs after singing just a few words.

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The four coaches watched in awe as the Hopeful singer from Ipswich, Brisbane, wowed the crowd with her vocal runs and Booming voice.

As the song finished, Keith joked in reference to the song, “That was Deja whooo.”

Jess Mauboy was so amazed, she kept repeating, “No no no no no no no no!”

“I don’t do this for anybody, I’m going to do it now,” she yelled as she dramatically flung her heel onstage.

Jessica Mauboy was shocked to hear Celestial’s powerful voice. Credit: Seven

“Give me your shoe!” Celestial laughed as the crowd cheered.

Still in a trance from the song, Jess emerged from her chair and began kicking her leg into the air before apologizing and returning to her chair.

To add to the drama, Guy then joined in, kicking his sneaker across the stage as the crowd cheered on.

The trend of throwing a shoe at a performer was started by

Jennifer Hudson, who was one of The Voice coaches in the US, started the shoe throwing trend in 2017 as an “equivalent to a standing ovation”.

Jess kicks her shoes up in excitement.
Jess kicks her shoes up in excitement. Credit: Seven

Guy said as he went to retrieve his shoe: “You know what, she just nailed that, and the worst thing that could happen, she’s trying to concentrate, and then the smell of someone’s shoe …”

Leaning down to grab his shoe, he also reached for Jess’.

Handing Jess her heel, Guy joked, “Lucky I didn’t put the wrong one on”.

“The thing that’s crazy about it for me, is that that song requires so much energy, it’s so syncopated and it’s so fast, and this was you doing it,” Guy then said imitating a casual walk across the stage.

Rita's shock at Celestial's performance.
Rita’s shock at Celestial’s performance. Credit: Seven

“If I had to describe your performance in a swag, that was it, it’s just like ‘yeah whatever, I’ve got this,'” he said slowly.

“It was so effortless, even the end, you finished it and you were like hmhm,” he added with a cheeky giggle at the end.

“It was so great, so technically ridiculous, it was insane. You’re the Greatest representation of The Voicethis is what it’s all about, ”Jess complimented.

“That’s what you’re waiting for on The Voiceyou’re waiting for that voice, and that was it, ”Keith said.

Celestial listens to the coaches pitching for her.
Celestial listens to the coaches pitching for her. Credit: Seven

Jess added to Keith’s comment: “Yeah you are the face right now of everything we’ve been talking about … You had my heart going boom boom boom boom, like the same rhythm as the song.

“I’m going to fight for you.”

As Jess said those words, the ‘BLOCKED’ sign covered her name, as the entire crowd gasped.

“Who was that?” Rita asked the other coaches as Jess stared down in shock.

Jess isn't happy she's been blocked.
Jess isn’t happy she’s been blocked. Credit: Seven

A guilty guy said, “In the moment I was just like, ‘Jess is my competition right now, and then I’m Accidentally down here,'” he said.

“And it was so weird how that happened.”

“This is some cutthroat s ***,” Rita said under her breath.

Trying to change the topic, Guy told Celestial: “All the coaches have such great stuff to offer.”

Not having a bar of it, Jess cut in, “But he had to block me, he had to block me. He didn’t even give me a chance.

“I’ve got nothing to say to you.”

Guy Sebastian defends his block.
Guy Sebastian defends his block. Credit: Seven

Having decided which Coach she wanted to go with. Celestial asked: “I’ve actually got a gift that I want to give to the Coach that I want to choose today. Can I call my family to help me give it? ”

Her parents then brought to the stage a red necklace that Guy joked would Clash with Rita’s lilac dress if she was to be chosen.

Explaining her gift, the singer told the coaches: “This is a traditional Samoan necklace because I am Samoan.

Guy proudly Wears Celestial's gift.
Guy proudly Wears Celestial’s gift. Credit: Seven

“But it represents respect and appreciation for the men who wear it.”

“Oh,” Rita muttered, hearing “men” and realizing she was out of the running.

“So, without further ado I would love to choose Guy as my Coach,” she said as the crowd cheered.

“Hang on a second, we’re not done, we’re not done,” Guy stopped the Celebrations momentarily.

Celestial wins Guy Sebastian's battle pass.
Celestial wins Guy Sebastian’s battle pass. Credit: Seven

“I want to come over and meet the family who gave me a gift which is so sweet, thank you. I also have a gift in the form of a silver button, ”he said before dramatically hitting his silver Battle Pass button.

Each Coach has one silver button they can use throughout the season, which fast tracks the artist to the Battles.

“You deserve it, oh my gosh,” he said to his new artist as she hugged him in shock.

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