Lisa Snowdon recalls feeling ‘quite lost’ with perimenopause symptoms from her early 40s

Lisa Snowdon gained three stones and started suffering from heart palpitations at night. (Getty Images)

Lisa Snowdon has opened up about how perimenopause symptoms from her early 40s left her feeling “quite lost”.

The presenter, 50, revealed that she started experiencing weight gain, as well as heart palpitations and night sweats, at the age of 42.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine, she said: “At its worst, I was three stone heavier than I wanted to be.

“I was having horrible palpitations before going to sleep when it felt like someone was grabbing my heart and squeezing.

“I had night sweats and was waking up soaking, so I’d be shivering. Then the next day I was sleep-deprived and having hot flushes. I felt quite lost.”

The perimenopause, which usually begins for women in their early 40s, precedes the menopause – the Onset of which happens to average at 51.

Snowdon revealed that after time on antidepressants, she was prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – a medication that is currently experiencing shortages in the UK.

She said: “It’s been really helpful for me once I got the right balance.”

Now going through the full menopause, Snowdon uses a daily estrogen spray, Progesterone pills and also applies testosterone gel.

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Snowdon said: “Testosterone helps your muscle tone, energy levels and libido. Often Doctors don’t like to give it out, but it’s worth persevering.

“If men lose their libido, they just get a pill over the counter. But for us it’s like, ‘Oh no, you’re just old and knackered, you don’t need to have sex any more.’ It’s just not fair. ”

Having started to share her menopause journey on Instagram, she said it was “breaks my heart” hearing from other women in their 40s and 50s who have “suffered in silence” for years.

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