Keep cool this weekend with a 4.5-star tower fan on sale

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A silent tower fan Cools a bedroom.

Summer is a few weeks away and that means hotter days and nights. Whether you’re watching your favorite show on the couch or enjoying a good book in your favorite chair, you might need a fan to keep the indoors cool throughout the summer. While old box fans are powerful, modern tower fans circulate cool air quietly and often with the convenience of a remote.

Tall and narrow tower fans are space saving which means less distraction from your decor. A new fan can typically set you back $ 60- $ 100. We found a Dreo 36 ā€¯tower fan for $ 62.79 on Amazon for 10% off.

Beat the blistering hot days with a breeze

A remote-controlled tower fan

A remote-controlled tower fan

$ 62.79 $ 69.99 at Amazon

Record-breaking temperatures can be unbearable in a stale and warm room. The Dreo 36 Nomad Tower Fan utilizes a supercharged electric motor in combination with an airflow system to produce chilled high-speed air. The powerful air stream moves at 24 feet per second to reinvigorate the room and keep you cool during those scorching hot days.

Most tower fans use loud motors to produce an airstream. The Dreo 36 Nomad Tower Fan is equipped with a unique impeller design and a noise-canceling electric motor to produce the least amount of fan noise. In addition, a vibration damper reduces the unit’s total overall noise, and the result is a quiet and peaceful stream of air.

You can customize your comfort level with a variety of mode settings and fan speeds. This Dreo fan allows you to choose from four fan speeds that range from a soft, gentle breeze to a storm-strong gust. Take your cooling to another level with four modes that can mimic the natural ebb and flow of the wind, circulate air around the room or provide a consistent airflow.

As the days are getting hotter, you can enjoy a cool blast of air from this top-rated fan that is currently on sale!

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