James Middleton restores £1.45m Berkshire farmhouse after battling depression – see inside

James Middleton, 35, now lives in Berkshire with his wife, Alizee Thevenet. After a decade of working in London left him battling with depression, Kate Middleton’s brother James turned to farming to find peace. James and his French financier wife Alizee are restoring a £ 1.45million Berkshire Farmhouse, complete with a smallholding.

The move means that the 35-year-old former boss of Boomf, a company that sold personalized marshmallows, is recasting himself as a gentleman farmer.

He is also a passionate dog lover, owning several Spaniels. James has sheep, ducks, goats, hens and beehives as well as dogs.

James has shared several pictures inside his £ 1.45million rural home on social media.

For instance, he shared a snap of himself, Alizée and one of their pet dogs outside the red brick Exterior.

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But what is it like inside?

James’s living room

The property appears very rustic. The couple’s open-plan living room features a chunky wooden dining table, beams on the ceiling and a cast iron fireplace where their dogs like to rest.

James posted a photo of one of his dogs as a puppy in the living room. The room appeared to have olive green walls and wooden floors.

There was wooden paneling along various areas of the walls, as well as a vintage oak piano. The fireplace was framed with a black railing to protect his dogs.


James set up Boomf in 2013 but it went into administration in 2021. Last year, he spoke candidly about being diagnosed with clinical depression and said that nature had helped to improve his emotional health.

His new property is in Stanford Dingley, near the village of Bucklebury, where he grew up and where his parents still live.

It’s also near where Pippa and her husband James Matthews recently bought a rundown petting zoo. Kate is believed to be planning to move into the area too, along with Prince William and their three children.

James told The Mail: “Living in London, you don’t have a community. You don’t get to know the things in life that people care about.

“We are so Lucky to live in a small village with 100 people and two pubs. Our house dates back to the 16th Century, so when it’s Windy it blows through the drawing-room. But that’s the charm. “

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