AI Recreated Harry Potter Characters From Their Book Descriptions

Once upon a time, everyone thought Artificial Intelligence (AI) would take over the world. Now, it’s being used for a far more important job: recreating Harry Potter characters based on their OG Descriptions.

Msbananaanna is a content Creator from Melbourne who has used AI to reconstruct our Harry Potter faves and posted them to Imgur next to their OG book Descriptions.

Some of the results were incredible, and others will definitely haunt me for decades to come like Giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest.

I guess that’s all part of the AI ​​fun, right…? Let’s run through a few examples.

“Don’t be scared, it’s just Dolores Umbridge!” Msbananaanna writes like they are 100% aware this version of Umbridge is in fact the scariest shit imaginable.

As if Harry’s former defense against the dark arts teacher wasn’t terrifying enough, the AI ​​has imagined with his eyes the size of time-Turners and a facial expression that screams “I will expel you for sneezing”.

Big yikes. Zero votes from me.

Dudley Dursley: blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely fat with small eyes, like a “pig in a wig”

Next up we have our boy Dudderz.

My man’s eyes look like they’re about to pop. It’s as though he’s being squeezed around the waist by the Basilisk.

For comedic purposes, I love this look. For face to head ratio Aesthetic purposes, it’s a HARD pass.

Gilderoy Lockhart: late 20s, “blandly handsome”, bright blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, straight white teeth

Okay, hold up a second. THIS is Supposed to be Lockhart? This hunka-AI-spunk?

This version of Lockhart looks like he’s grew up surfing down the coast and doesn’t have Facebook.

I suppose the producers took some artistic Liberties in the movie so Kenneth Branagh (who was in his 40s) could play him.

10/10 we simply must stan.

Argus Filch: bulging eyes, pale eyes, Sunken cheeks, Pasty-faced, (missing Bald patch)

I think it’s pretty safe to say the Films NAILED Filch by Casting David Bradley.

The AI ​​book Recreation is pretty much the exact same.

Okay, I like it. Picasso.

Lupine: (mid / late 30s) light brown hair flecked with gray, premature lines and aging from stress of constant Transformations, looks exhausted / ill

We’ve saved arguably one of the most drastic changes till last.

Try as they might in the Films, they just weren’t able to make the actor who played Remus Lupine (David Thewlis) look “exhausted / ill”.

This AI version on the other hand looks like he’d deffo howl at the moon.

If you don’t value a good night’s sleep and you’d like to suss out the remaining 30+ AI designs you can do so here. It’s genuinely super interesting!

Though fair warning, you might need a butterbeer afterwards. Or something Stronger…


Image: @msbananaanna via Imgur & Fanpop

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