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New Delhi, May 1 (IANSlife): Offices across the country have begun opening their doors for employees, and this means that its time to bring out all our formal staples and accessories. While we may have been enjoying work from home culture and comfy home outfits for the past two years, there is always a charm involved with coming to the workplace and spending time with your co-workers and dressing up in chic, yet classy outfits once again .

While office looks can sometimes be limited to shirts, trousers and suits, there are always simple pieces of jewelery that can truly Transform your OOTD into something that looks extremely elegant and straight out of a Pinterest page. The right kind of accessories can augment your Workwear style and is the perfect asset to help you put together an outfit that is both fabulous and professional at the same time.

To help you pick out the right kind of jewelery for your wardrobe, Vipin Sharma, Chief Merchandising Officer at Bluestone has drawn up a list of trends that we are likely to see this season that is perfect for living your style quotient at the workplace.

Chevron Rings

V-shaped rings, Wishbone rings and stacking rings – the uniquely iconic Chevron Rings may go by many names, but the symbolic, and fashionist element of these rings has stayed the same since the 1800s. This quintessential design of the slight V-shaped curve, coupled with an elegant and dainty band is known to represent prosperity and hope and is often passed down as a heritage piece across generations. With a modern touch in elegant designs and diamonds, the Chevron Ring can truly stand as a dainty jeweled studded embellishment, perfect for daytime corporate looks. Chevron rings are especially brilliant for those who don’t want to wear jewelry that is too prominent, but rather something that adds a little bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Charm Rings

2022 is the year 2000’s fashion is making a comeback, and what better way to wear the iconic 2000s charms than a ring. Charm rings are the newest trend this season, and can help you don the classic 2000s fashion, in a subtle and minimalist way. If you are looking to add this new ring trend to your jewelery trousseau, consider choosing ones with a simple gold or platinum band, with two or three charms in elegant but fun shapes. Charm Rings in gold, rose gold or silver, pair well with structured Blazers and classic shirts, and can add a subtle pop of metallic tones to an otherwise monochrome outfit.


Enamel Jewelery may have been a big trend in 2021, but this year, Enamel Jewelery is taking on a new and upgraded facade with the Plique-a-jour trend. Plique-a-jour is a unique technique where a small amount of colored enamel is applied in cells surrounded by metal, without a backing on the enamel portion of the product, which gives the enamel a unique stained glass effect as light shines through. The result? A unique piece of art that you can pair with daytime and nighttime looks. Plique-a-jour rings in feathery silhouettes are perfect for a new and fresh spring-summer look and can add a subtle amount of color that is surely set to have your co-workers wondering about your new and upgraded jewelery collection.


For those who want their officewear jewelery to be dainty, but bold at the same time, ear cuffs are the answer. This unique trend recently gained recognition on social media after being worn by Kendall Jenner at the recent Oscars 2022 red carpet and is set to become one of the biggest trends in minimalist jewelery this season. Earcuffs are a perfect addition to a corporate look if you are someone who likes to wear your hair in a ponytail, or a slick back fashion, drawing attention to some of your now prominent and beautiful features. Earcuffs are also the go-to solution for those who want to wear a double earring but don’t want to go out and get a second piercing. Pair your ear cuffs with a set of smart casuals and colored blazers, and you’ve got yourself a look that is ready to steal the (office) show.

ID Bracelets

ID Bracelets have emerged as one of the now Unexpected, yet welcomed jewelery Trends of the year. While ID Bracelets have traditionally been one of the few jewelery pieces men like to wear, many brands are increasingly becoming gender non-confirmative, and are making ID bracelets in delicate designs and elegant looks, for women as well. Bracelets with a soft and subtle chain coupled with a simple engravable plate made of gold, silver or Platinum pair well with Indian, and western formal outfits. Right from a sari to formal dress, these classy bracelets can go with just about anything, and can even include words of affirmation, or names of loved ones to keep you motivated to achieve your goals and aim for the sky at your workplace.

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