Melbourne ‘Barbie doll’ spotted in revealing activewear| Photos

The Melbourne woman who spent more than $ 200,000 in cosmetic surgeries has been spotted flaunting the results of her extreme procedures.

A woman who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a “Barbie doll” has hit the Streets of Melbourne in a striking activewear set.

Tara Jayne McConachy was spotted wearing a tight electric blue crop top earlier this month that put her surgically enhanced E-cup breasts on full display.

The 32-year-old cosmetic nurse sported matching blue leggings that exposed her midriff and silver naval piercing.

Tara – who has spent $ 135,000 on her five breast augmentation procedures alone – Rocked a full face of makeup with thick eyelashes and a nude lip.

The flattering set was paired with black sneakers and later a fluffy white jumper as she continued her stroll in the park.

Tara’s many cosmetic procedures had been performed by medical professionals.

Alongside her five breast surgeries, Tara has also had a nose job, butt implants, veneers, Botox and fillers, insisting she “loves her plastic doll vibe”.

However, it is her plumped lips she admires now, previously describing them as her “statement” feature.

“My lips are definitely my statement. I always make sure they’re nice and plump and get regular injections, ”she said, also adding she has“ lost count of how much product ”she has had injected into them.

Tara’s unique look has been the topic of debate previously, but it hasn’t dulled her desire to have more work done, Revealing last year she had plans to have her eyes reclaimed and her ribs removed.

“I’m exploring changing my eye color to an even more vibrant green, plus fixing my eyelids with a canthoplasty, blepharoplasty and a brow lift,” she said.

“While I’m at it I’ll probably be getting cheek Implants, a mini facelift and I’m even looking into the possibility of having ribs removed for a more tapered waist.

“Just the thought of this gets me all excited.”

Her extreme makeover landed her on Channel 10’s Mirror Mirror in 2021, where she opened up to Todd Sampson on a quest to “look like an edited photo in real life”.

During the doco, Tara can be seen using a solarium – which are banned commercially but can still be privately owned in Australia – to obtain her Darker skin.

However, her extensive body modifications don’t come cheap, resulting in the Cosmetics nurse joining OnlyFans to fund her surgery loving lifestyle.

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