From Red Velvet To Wheein MVs, Captivating Idol Trends To Inspire Your Makeup This Spring

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Longer, warmer days spent outside, surrounded by blooming flowers and crystal-clear skies, accompany the arrival of spring. As the globe awakens from its long winter slumber, here are 4 lovely spring-themed Idol looks to inspire you to get creative with your makeup and stay Instagram-ready all season long!

1. Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” era

Red Velvet swept us away with their Magnificent new spring single “Feel My Rhythm” not long ago. For this era, the girls chose a twist on the Japanese igari, or intoxicated blush look, by applying a thick layer of pink blush just behind their eyes for a gentle, dreamy blushing effect.

2. Wheein’s “Make Me Happy” era

While Wheein’s latest “Make Me Happy” music video included a slew of famous looks, this exquisite eye makeup is one of the most unforgettable! The MAMAMOO singer uses a subtle Wash of shimmer as her foundation shadow before topping her Lids with colorful chunky glitters for a Distinctive, bright-eyed appearance!

3. Taeyeon’s “Weekend” era

This low-key yet Charming and vivid ensemble from Taeyeon’s “Weekend” promotional events had me amazed! For this period, the queen of K-pop tackles a famously difficult eyeshadow color and completely dominates it.

4. STAYC’s “ASAP” era

Moving on to more wearable, daily Styles, the members of STAYC dazzled in the music video for their 2021 Smash song “ASAP” with this dazzling pink and peach combination! While each member has their own unique look, the focus here is on a simple, peachy eye with a dab of glitter, a delicate pink blush, and a sweep of highlighter.

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