A focus on learning and wellbeing benefits students during school and long after graduation

These evidence-based strategies benefit students during school and long after graduation.

“We focus on developing grit and resilience, making it clear to students it’s not about winning the Genetic Lottery, but about being willing to apply your strengths and skills to achieve mastery through effort,” explains Johnstone.

The school motto, semper ad meliora – always towards better things – perhaps sums it up.

Ravenswood uplifts students to reach their full potential.Credit:Ravenswood

“It doesn’t mean we don’t fail or experience setbacks,” says Johnstone, “but it does mean we keep persevering, use challenges as opportunities for growth, and support each other to“ bounce forward ”with an overcomer’s mindset.

“In many ways, our motto is about looking to the future with hope. Most of all, we strive to help our students fulfill their potential and flourish; developing young women of character and substance who look beyond themselves to live Meaningful lives and make a difference within, and beyond, our school Gates. ”

Ravenswood has also partnered with brother-school Knox Grammar School to deliver annual student-led wellbeing conferences to share the benefits of Positive Education more broadly. The students design and facilitate workshops for student leaders from around NSW to equip students from non-Positive Education schools to ignite positive change within their own school communities.

In 2021 the School launched a Sunshine Wall, with students and staff writing what makes them happy and the ways they intended to bring Sunshine to the lives of others. Displayed on colored cards, the wall is a lasting, impactful reminder of the ways each one of us can bring genuine happiness to others every day.

As well as enjoying an environment in which academic excellence and wellbeing can thrive, Ravenswood students have over 100 exciting and diverse co-curricular activities to explore their passions, from Code Club to Musicals and equestrian to AFL, in award-winning, world-class facilities.

In 2011, Ravenswood became the first girls’ school on Sydney’s North Shore to offer cadets, and a large number of girls develop their leadership skills, Discipline and Self-Reliance in Collaboration with the Knox Grammar School Cadet Unit.

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