Melbourne mum reveals simple fix for annoying bedroom problem

A Melbourne mum-of-two has shared an easy fix to one of the most frustrating problems when it comes to making the bed.

The Melbourne mum-of-two has shared a simple hack to deal with one of the most annoying problems when it comes to making the bed.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Blogger Chantel Mila – who posts under the handle “Mama Mila” – Revealed three “easy life hacks you’ll wish you tried earlier” with her audience of 844.8k.

The first was to use stick-on adhesive hooks on your bedside tables to hide phone Chargers, while another was to add half a cup of salt to your dark washing loads to prevent the clothes from fading.

The third time – which surprised her audience for more reason than one – was to “spray tap water” on your sheets while making the bed to remove any wrinkles (and to save you from having to iron them).

The helpful clip quickly drummed up thousands of likes, as well as dozens of comments from Mila’s followers.

“When you spray water on the sheets, I’m guessing you let them dry [before you] put the quilt or blanket on top ?? ” one woman questioned.

To which Mila responded: “Yes, it’s just a fine mist needed so it dries really fast.”

Another Suggested “adding some fabric softener to the water, makes your bed smell like fresh sheets every day”.

Other followers, though, were more hung up on the fact that there are actually people out there who iron their sheets.

“People iron their sheets?!?!” one disbelieving Viewer asked, with their comment drumming up 110 likes, with another adding, “I was wondering the same thing.”

“Why iron the sheets? After you put the quilt on, no one will know. No one will know, ”said a third.

“Housekeepers do,” one person quipped in response, while another urged them to try it, writing, “Best feeling to go to sleep to fresh ironed sheets”.

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