Zodiac alert: What’s in store for Taurus in 2022?

They seek financial stability and love luxury, Taurus are well known for the anger that brews in the and blasts like a volcano if probed. Want to know what the life of a Taurus will be in the remaining year of 2022? Scroll down to know what the renowned astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji has Predicted.


This year seems to be very fruitful for Taurus. They will shine through because of their ability to work hard. Some of you may take up more tasks, and those wanting to set up their own business can do so as it seems to be the right time.

Love life

The end of 2021 has left a mark on Taurus’ hearts and they may not be in the fashion for love. However, the year has just begun and they will realize that it is a good thing that it happened because he / she has made room for a better person best suited for you. You will get back into the game in the middle of the year and then a serious relationship is foreseen. It is also possible that your past love will make a comeback and this time it could be Stronger. It didn’t work out earlier because perhaps the timing was wrong. Whatever relationship you get into, dive in with a clean slate.

Academic life

Taurus students are in for a lot of pressure. You ought to go slow otherwise everything will be a mess. You have to be stress free to achieve your goals. If you are planning for higher studies, May is a good month because it may get you some good news.

Financial status

Save, save and save! This year is all about savings for you. In case you have made some investments, you will profit from them. Good time for those who have invested in real estate. If you love traveling, then you can even make a career out of that.

Health meter

Your fitness meter seems to be good in the coming future. However, the medications you seem to be taking in the future are bound to react and ruin your entire year so be careful. Maintain your healthy diet and go for a run. Keep a check on your mental health as well. Try yoga or any kind of meditation.

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