Daredevil Season 4 Can Continue One Major MCU Phase 4 Show Trend

The Daredevil project is probably in the works, this time being part of the wider MCU. Therefore, it should continue several Phase 4 Trends.

A Daredevil project in the MCU seems almost inevitable, and one way it could tie into the MCU is by following one of Phase 4’s biggest Trends: introducing a character for the Young Avengers. Nearly every Phase 4 project has done this, including Black Widow, Wandavision, Log, Hawkeye, and more. The MCU is always building towards its next story, and by introducing a part of the Young Avengers in Daredevil season 4, they can unquestionably tie the threads of the franchise back together.

Starting on Netflix in 2015, Daredevil is the extremely beloved show that kicked off the The Defenders universe. The show follows the titular Hero as he balances protecting Hell’s Kitchen as a vigilante and his life as a blind defense attorney known as Matt Murdock. The show ran for three seasons and produced several spin-offs and crossovers. However, after the show’s third season, Netflix canceled Daredevil. After several years of outcry, though, Matt Murdock once again appeared in the MCU (still played by Charlie Cox), acting as Peter Parker’s attorney in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Since then, questions about how the series will be re-introduced in the MCU have been rampant, with fans wondering if the project will be a continuation, a soft reboot, or a full-on reboot.


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That’s it Daredevil back into the MCU, Marvel can introduce a newer Comics character who can serve as a link to their Young Avengers arc: Samuel Chung, aka Blindspot. In the Daredevil Comics run which started in 2015, a new superhero known as Blindspot was introduced. Samuel Chung and his mother emigrated from China into the US when Samuel was just a child. Soon after arriving in the country, Samuel began working on an invisibility suit. After years of Perfecting his suit and his fighting skills, he took to the Streets, acting as a Protégé of Daredevil. Although they haven’t been around long, Blindspot should appear in the MCU’s return to Daredevil in season 4 and beyond. With a Young Avengers movie possibly in the works, the MCU’s Phase 4 has introduced several potential members, such as Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Wiccan, Speed, America Chavez, and several more. Now, adding Blindspot to the MCU could perfectly tie Daredevil into this and other MCU Trends.


The canonical status of The Defenders has been in question for a while. The potential upcoming Daredevil series or movie needs something to make it clear that it is part of the MCU, allowing it to seem like part of the larger universe rather than a separate Netflix run. Blindspot is perfect for this, as he actually already appears in a few episodes of Iron Fist season 2 (although just as Samuel Chung). Being that he is a very minor character, recasting him wouldn’t be a big deal. However, it would help solidify the canonicity of the rest of The Defenders. With the cast of Young Avengers constantly growing, Blindspot would be a street-level Hero that could represent The Defenders side of the MCU.

Blindspot also helps bridge the gap between the more grounded Netflix shows and the more out-there MCU movies. Phase 4 has started another trend of increasing the power levels of the Netflix characters, with Kingpin’s strength in Hawkeye being greatly increased. Blindspot’s power is invisibility, something that is far more fantastic than anything else in Daredevil. However, the invisibility perfectly gels with the wider MCU, which is full of Gods, Aliens, and sorcerers. Blindspot’s power would allow him to hold his own amongst the other Young Avengers while still repping the Daredevil attitude and history.

Blindspot is a ripe for an appearance in Daredevil season 4, as it would help solidify whether or not The Defenders and its surrounding shows are canon. He would also act as a Catalyst for Daredevil to tie into future MCU events. Either way, Blindspot is an incredibly interesting character, and having him appear as a sidekick in Daredevil would continue several MCU Trends, possibly setting him up to be a member of the Young Avengers cast.

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