Mum slammed online over baby’s unique name

A mum has clapped back at online Critics after she was slammed for giving her baby a “stupid” name.

Mother of two Victoria Yavnyi gave her second child a unique name and she apparently has to deal with Critics constantly Rolling their eyes at the moniker.

While she doesn’t seem to care much about the baby name shammers, she admitted she gets trolled for much more – but always has an answer.

Yavnyi is a stay-at-home mummy Blogger who shares much of her day-to-day life online, and with that, comes sharp Criticism, The Sun. reports.

For instance, she tried to shut down haters by agreeing she could easily change her daughter’s name, which is Gray, but she sees no need to.

Still, she received Criticism.

“Good thing other countries have bans on stupid names,” one naysayer wrote.

“I don’t hate it but it’s kinda weird to name a kid as a color,” another noted.

While Yavnyi seems confident in her baby name choice, she also gets criticized about other things, from when she feeds Gray to her sleep schedule.

For instance, in reply to a hater who called Gray’s feeding schedule “ridiculous,” she said, “Her overall sleep schedule is different than yours.”

She also had a clapback for a user who criticized her for letting her baby stay up late.

“It doesn’t make you a better parent for putting them to bed before the sun goes down.

“I love putting my baby to bed at 12am.

“She wakes up [at] whatever time she wants and then we started our day, ”Yavnyi explained.

She added that forcing her child to go to sleep when she isn’t ready would only confuse her.

Yavnyi even made a video calling out people who shame women for being stay-at-home us but applauding folks who watch kids as a paid job.

It seems like Yavnyi simply doesn’t care what people have to say and will keep following her own intuition when it comes to parenting.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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