Lois Lane Trends as DC Fans Debate Zack Snyder’s Scrapped Plans For Batman Romance

Zack Snyder’s original plans for Lois Lane in the Snyderverse have caused quite a stir online. An old report from ScreenRant detailing the plan to have Superman’s love interest be romantically involved with Batman rubbed some fans online the wrong way. There were many plans for Justice League’s sequels that might not see the light of day. (Considering everything that’s happened with the Snyder Cut already, it would be wise to allow some room for things that may seem impossible.) Anyway, the story goes that the director would have had Bruce Wayne pining after Lois Lane after Batman v. Superman. However, falling in love with the reporter would make his choice in the following movie even Tougher.

Bringing Superman back would effectively end any chance he had with Lois. But, Batman does it anyway. In fact, the larger bit of the Mythos would have had the Daily Planet reporter’s death be the kickoff point for the Knightmare timeline. After learning this dark end for their world, Batman would have to travel back in time to make the ultimate sacrifice and save her from her fate by giving up his own life. It’s fascinating in a way, but easy to see how people could find those changes to be abrasive. At least it makes for a good social media discussion. Check out some of the takes down below.

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