Kaye Lifestyle Homes expanding with new high-performance solar home division

Kaye Lifestyle Homes (KLH), one of Southwest Florida’s largest and now recognized local family-owned homebuilders, today announced its expansion of a new high-performance solar home division to carry out increased home Buyer requests for innovative building practices that address energy efficiency, Sustainability and durability in new home construction.

“High-performance building is one of the top three energy trends in residential construction today. explains Ben Kaye, KLH Operations Manager, recently named to lead the new building division. “It is a form of green building, but one with a focus on energy performance,” he adds. One of the great advantages of building to a high-performance standard is the built-in resilience and durability that comes with an airtight, well-insulated home. Factors such as choosing a basic house shape, roof assembly, and the types of materials used all play a part in reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency.

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