I’m a wedding expert – popular trends like throwing the bouquet are disappearing but new traditions are being introduced

COUPLES seem to be ditching something old for something new when they get married.

Wedding experts have revealed how popular Trends like throwing the bouquet and garter tosses have recently been falling out of favor.


Trends like throwing the bouquet are falling out of favor with couplesCredit: Getty
Happy wedding photography of a bride and groom at a wedding ceremony.  Wedding tradition sprinkled with rice and grain


Happy wedding photography of a bride and groom at a wedding ceremony. Wedding tradition sprinkled with rice and grainCredit: Getty

However, Insider reported that there are new trends like private dances which are replacing some of these traditions.

Weddings will always be around in some form or another, but the style and activities during the nuptials are ever-changing.

Insider spoke with wedding photographer Thomas Beaman to ask if traditions like bouquet and garter tosses have stood the test of time.

“Couples don’t want to clear their dance floor for these outdated traditions,” Beaman told Insider.

“We planned and photographed 47 weddings last year and only four or five couples did a bouquet / garter toss.”

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Apparently, couples prefer more unique events like a private dance to replace this tradition while not disrupting the party.

Newlyweds are also dropping wedding favorites this year.

Wedding planner Lindsey Nickel told Insider that couples are getting more critical about what’s important during their big day.

“Favors will fade in 2022,” Nickel said. “Planning a wedding during Covid taught couples to focus on the things that really matter to them, and for many, that was not a favor.”

Apparently, couples are “becoming increasingly aware of wasted funds,” and don’t wish to waste money on forgettable baubles.

In fact, even wedding registries are less focused on physical items and are more garnered toward experience.

Founder and CEO of a wedding-focused online marketplace Rachel Jo Silver told Insider that many people already purchased home staples that are usually gifted by wedding guests.

“During the Pandemic when everyone was stuck at home, they invested in things to make their living spaces more comfortable,” Silver said.

“Couples aren’t looking for items for their kitchen, bedroom, yard, etc. – that’s where they spent their money last year.”

Silver explained that couples are now looking for funds to go toward a Honeymoon or a Charity of their choice.

Overall, tradition seems to be the last concern for couples as some have waited years for their wedding due to Covid.

Insider reported that newlyweds are marching to the beat of their own drum in 2022 as they prioritize getting to celebrate with family and friends over everything.

Senior editor at WeddingWire Kim Forrest told Insider “Several wedding professionals we talked to referred to a sense of freedom when it comes to planning 2022 weddings.”

“Couples have waited so long to celebrate with loved ones, they’re going to do things their way and not do things just because they’re ‘tradition’ or expected by family.”

Some new more exciting trends include booking a food truck, incorporating bold colors, or putting a cocktail hour first and switching up the usual wedding-day timeline.

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