Weight loss story: “I cut down on sugar intake and went for long walks to lose 15 kilos in 4 months”

What I realized is that our body doesn’t really need a lot of food. From childhood, we have been asked / forced by parents to eat often to stay healthy. We continue with this habit eventually to put on weight. This realization helped us differentiate between the body’s need for food and the tongue’s need for sea taste. More often we confuse the two. Our mouth doesn’t like to be tasteless or at rest and we confuse that with hunger and end up eating in excess. To tackle this, I used chewing gums effectively.

Our body and mind are meant to process limited food and information respectively. I have cut down on what my body is and consume me now, drastically.

I am more aware of my eating habits. I have reduced consumption of sugar and junk to a large extent. I am completely at peace now even if I miss out on the things that I craved before.

Lessons learned from weight loss:

– How often you eat is as important as what you eat

– Will & gt; & gt; Skill

– Simple changes work and are sustainable

– Our body is our primary house where we live and it’s important to take care of it first before anything else.

– The lighter & fitter you are – the better you think – the more confident you are.

– There is a meaning to every suffering.

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