TikTok is all about the ‘one thing about me’ trend

One thing about me is I am going to write about my favorite TikTok Trends of the week.

That, of course, was a reference to the trend that’s been all over my FYP (again) this week. In addition to people telling one thing about themselves, TikTokkers are also sharing their ridiculous side hustles and revealing the weirdest advice they’ve gotten from their parents.

One thing about me is…

One thing about TikTok users is they are going to cycle through many interactions of the same trend. Videos where TikTokkers define themselves through “one thing” about themselves have been popular for nearly a year, and they’ve had a resurgence thanks to a new audio. In these videos, TikTokkers describe one personality trait they have in depth.

The latest version of this trend pairs “one thing about me” Descriptions with “Summer Background Jazz. The combination of quirky (and sometimes devastating) personality traits and sophisticated jazz elevates the humor of these TikToks. Nearly 6,000 videos have been made using the audio.

TikTokker @ bugeater1101 has popularized this style of video, and their feed is full of hot takes set to jazz music. One reads, “No i will not use correct punctuation. Or grammar In text or on social Mei, So don’t ask.”

Credit: TikTok / bugeater1101

My favorite example of the “one thing about me” trend is @ jillshaircorner’s video that reads, “One thing about me is, I’m gonna stress. Enjoying a nice night relaxing, where’s my birth certificate? Just finished filing my taxes, I’m worried about next years. Snuggling with my puppy, what if she has an underlying health condition… “

Anxious Hive rise.
Credit: TikTok / jillshaircorner

I think I just found a side hustle…

A funny sound making the rounds this week is: “Alright guys, I think I may have just found a side hustle that has a huge potential to earn money and nobody is doing it.” The sound comes from a video posted in December 2021 by @darrylgrayjr about becoming a YouTube ad specialist. The ridiculous sound has since become a way for TikTokkers to poke fun at hustle culture and ridiculous business ventures. The soundbite has been used in nearly 3,000 videos.

One example is @ meghafwit’s TikTok that reads, “frats and sororities thinking i want to at a member on my walk to my 9:30 class.” Who thought that was a good idea? Another example is @femalerage’s video of a cat that says, “cats when they found out about mentally ill women.”

Screenshot of the frat and Sorority example of the trend.

Credit: TikTok / meghafwit

Credit: TikTok / femalerage

What would happen if you just called Taylor up?

A soundbite from a 2016 Episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians – back when Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift were feuding – has become a way for TikTokkers to share their parents’ unrealistic advice. In the clip, Kris Jenner asks Kim, “What would happen if you just called Taylor up?” and anyone who knows what went down between Kardashian, West, and Swift knows that suggesting a phone call with Blondie was a bit naive. Between the advice and Jenner’s maternal cadence, it’s the perfect sound to poke fun at things your parents say.


TikTok is screaming, crying over ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

One example of the trend is @ hhhailey.bbbailey’s video that reads, “My Grandma in 2017 telling me I just needed to go to Harry Styles’ concert and tell him my real feelings and that would make him fall in love with me.” Another video by @ annag8409 plays with the trend by referencing another iconic Swift moment: Joe Jonas breaking up with her over the phone. It says, “Kevin Jonas giving breakup advice to his brother in 2008.”

What would happen if you just called Taylor up? I really want to know.

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