Stay trendy with different nail art styles

An ever-increasing trend of nail grooming with flourishing whirly nail designs, intense colors touches and abilities is being introduced in both the fashion industry and the beauty world. The changing trend of nail art leaves us surprised with the latest designs and colors in style. With rising and everyday changing trends in the fashion industry, one needs to stay updated and in style to beat the trend. Anuja Sachdeva- Founder La Bella Nail Studio & Academy suggests some trendy nail art ideas.

One of 2022’s attractive style Trends is the Pearlcore nail art. The pearl tones will take you to the next level of experience, one of the coolest ways for you to get that classic French manicure. If you are eyeing for a near Flawless outfit for the moment shade then you should surely try for a blue-toned Periwinkle.

The 90s influenced nail skill has brought in a completely new art form and design of animations into this arena. Rhinestones and sparkles were undoubtedly a major drift in the year 2022. You may also want to consider some of the classic trends in vogue like diamond variations, pewter French manicures, florals and soft toned nail shades.

Besides, the lovers can also experience the whole new world of nailscape which offers an intriguing experience to the enthusiasts with selections like “Galaxy nail art,” “desert Nails” and “geode Nails”.

The 5D and 3D nail art has yet again transformed and shifted the trend to the next level. These 3D and 5D nail art comes with many creative and fascinating options that will draw attention to your followers. One of the trend that is cutting the edge in the world of beauty is the cat eye nail art style, twisted to look like the cat eye riffle of a liquid eyeliner. Fashioned by the glassy manicurists Monograms is also one such nail art that will get you noticed among the fashion buffs.

If you are looking for some playful summer choices for your nails then the perky shades and the suave designs are an arrayed combination to go for. The best shades of art designs this summer include red, blue, white, hot pink, green and pastels.

Deck up for weddings with Nails decorated with 5D Flower art, Swarovski Stones, Rhinestone, Rose Patterns and Caviar Bead which will add charm to the most memorable day of your life. Also, let’s not forget the glitter French manicure, the most modern way to wear in 2020’s biggest nail trend.

Embark in style by embracing sunny colors with meandering streaks and shapes.


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