Pohela Boishak 2022: Date, significance and mush-have dishes

The festival of Bangla Noborsho is also known as Pohela Boishak marks the beginning of the Bengali New Year and this year it will be celebrated on 15th April 2022.

As per experts, Pohela Boishak is celebrated on the first day of the first-month of Boishak mash and on this day the tradition emphasizes abstinence from tamasic foods. The next day people wear new clothes, prepare sumptuous delicacies and visit temples and their loved ones to celebrate the beginning of the New Year!

  1. When is Pohela Boishak?
    This year, Pohela Boishak 1429 will be observed on Friday, April 15. According to Drik Panchang, the Sankranti muhurat on Pohela Boishak will begin at 8:56 am on April 14.
  2. Why is Pohela Boishak celebrated?
    The festival dates back to the Mughal era. It is believed that the custom of celebrating this day was introduced by Badashah Akbar to mention the tax year. Royal astronomer, Fathullah Shirazi was asked to create a new calendar amalgamating the lunar Islamic calendar and solar Hindu calendar. It was believed that this new calendar will help in managing the Harvest tax.With the change in time, this festival has been observed as the beginning of a happy and prosperous new year. Right from decorating the houses to wearing new clothes to worshiping the deities and preparing sumptuous foods, this day is all things beautiful.
  3. What are the must-have dishes?
    The festival celebrates heirloom recipes that are prepared at home. Take a look at a few of the dishes: Channar Payesh: The traditional Channar payesh is prepared with grated cottage cheese cooked with milk and condensed milk, and garnished with Cardamom powder and nuts.Kosha Mangsho: This mutton preparation uses, salt, turmeric, mustard oil, onion, chilies, tomato, and Ginger garlic paste. The curry preparation is served with Basmati pulao.Sorshe Mach: This fish preparation is made with mustard seeds paste, cooked in mustard oil with some mild spices. It is best served with steamed rice.


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