Bicycle Classic opens in Highland, April 20 | Entertainment

The 2022 Redlands Bicycle Classic will begin its five days of bicycle racing with the Highland Circuit on Wednesday, April 20.

Hundreds of professional cyclists will race through the Highland Neighborhoods at speeds reaching 50 mph on a 3-mile loop.

The men’s race will begin at 8:45 am and complete 14 children for a total of 41.3 miles while the men’s race will begin at 11 am and complete 20 children for a total of 58.1 miles.

Both Races will start at San Manuel Village head south on Boulder Avenue then turn east up the Base Line and onto the loop. The finish line will be at Base Line and Church Street. The Highland route is considered by the Racers as one of the more challenging of the Redlands Classic due to the steep climb up the Base Line.

The race will pass by Arroyo Verde Elementary, Beattie Middle School and Highland Grove Elementary, giving students a chance to see the action and cheer the Riders. Many Residents will also be able to watch from their yards.

Following the Highland Circuit, the Redlands Classic will continue with the Yucaipa Road Race on Thursday, April 10; the Route 66 Time Trials on Cajon Boulevard south of Cleghorn Road on Friday, April 22; the Redlands Criterium in downtown Redlands on Saturday, April 23; and the Sunset Road Race in Redlands on Sunday, April 24. Beginning with Stage 2, each stage of the classic includes para-cycling events.

Stater Bros. Charities is sponsoring public Races and a School Duel for student Riders for the down town circuit on Saturday, April 23.


The bicyclists can reach speeds of more than 50 mph, and for safety there will be several street closures in Highland on April 20. Many of these closures will impact the areas surrounding Highland Grove Elementary, Beattie Middle School and Arroyo Verde Elementary.

6 am to 4 pm

The Eastbound Base Line between Streater Avenue and Church Street will be closed

Westbound Base Line will be reduced to one lane in this location (Immanuel Baptist Church access will be via the Greater driveway only) Greenspot Road and Highland Avenue are the best alternative routes.

8 am to 3 pm

Jack Rabbit Lane between Church Street and Foxtail Way

Foxtail Way between Jack Rabbit Lane and Glenheather Drive

Glenheather between Foxtail Way and Tonner Drive

Tonner between Glenheather and Orange Street

Orange between Tonner and Sycamore Drive

Sycamore between Orange and Webster Street

Webster between Sycamore and Base Line

8:05 am to 2 pm

Church Street between Base Line and Greenspot Road will be closed in both directions Arroyo Verde traffic (including kindergarten pickup / dropoff) should access the lower parking lot using Northbound. Church Street from Greenspot. Church Street will reopen as soon as the race ends to facilitate end-of-school dismissal.

During these closures traffic will be allowed on the street sections when race traffic is clear and only in one direction, direction of the race. For those who live on the course, temporary no parking signs will be posted for several days prior to the race. Vehicles must be removed from the course by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 19 (eight hours before the race begins). Any vehicles remaining on the course are subject to removal. Towed vehicles will be taken to the Southwest parking lot of Immanuel Baptist Church.

Finally, Loose dogs present a significant hazard to cyclists traveling at high speeds. Residents are asked to ensure that their pet is secured during the event.

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