3 Trends Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry

As Generation Z is growing into adulthood, plant-based meats, ethical sourcing, local foods and Sustainability will be increasingly on the menu as they begin to shape Trends within the food and beverage world.

Add to this the effects of the Pandemic, which has created more engagement in health and wellness, and functional, often natural, ingredients are becoming even more popular, as consumers want products that will not only taste good but be good for your body too.

This trend of conscious eating is driven by consumers’ desire to reduce unethical and unsustainable eating practices – from packaging to the food itself – and to increasing organic and environmentally responsible products.

We can see this reach towards conscious eating all over the world, but especially in the MENA region, with nearly 90 percent of consumers in the Middle East not only looking for these healthy eating options, but willing to put a bigger price tag on them, too. Similarly, over 60 percent of UAE consumers have noticed that both Sustainability and naturalness of the products they’re buying have influenced what they purchase.

This trend has pushed for increased innovation. The UAE has seen a recent launch of the F&B Innovation Lab, creating F&B concepts that have grown from Sustainability, health and convenience. Meanwhile, Sarva Holdings, known for their vertical farming concept Smart Acres, is putting out a new food line Fit Farm — for those that are health conscious.

For those businesses Wishing to leverage this particular trend, companies should look at their current products and see where there can be room for improvement in communicating “conscious eating” features and benefits clearly to consumers or working on new products that may fit into this trend.

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