9 Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends That Embrace Warmer Hues

Now that the weather is warming up, the top summer 2022 hair color Trends are expected to follow suit – and that entails a theme of brighter, bolder, and (of course) warmer hues. “Going lighter is the natural summer fashion, but this year especially people are ready for lighter and brighter changes after the low-maintenance lockdown looks,” George Papanikolas, Celebrity colorist and Matrix Ambassador, tells Bustle. What’s more, he says that people are seeking inspiration from all over the world, as social media allows consumers to see what’s trending on a global scale, as opposed to their own neighborhoods. “In the past, Trends started in Paris and New York and slowly made their way around the world,” says Papanikolas. “Today, Trends you this is a Celebrity on the street in Los Angeles have become in demand around the world in an instant.”

Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of BLEACH LONDON, Echoes this, and points to TV series and movies as other sources of inspiration. “Celebrities definitely have a part to play, [both] in real life and also through their characters within popular media, ”she says. One such example? “The butter blonde of Sydney Sweeney’s character in Euphoria has been a huge influence on the return of warm blonde. ” In real life, however, Sweeney – along with Kendall Jenner – helped pioneer the copper hair color movement that so many celebs are partaking in.

Wondering what’s in store for the upcoming season now that Trends take off with the tap of a phone screen? Read on for expert predictions of the hottest summer hair colors you’re about to see everywhere.


Cool Copper

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It may have started in the spring, but copper is definitely here to stay this season. “Copper has become the Unexpected Celebrity trend for summer 2022,” Papanikolas says. “From Kendall Jenner to Sydney Sweeney, Celebrities have made the plunge into the trend.” But will it keep its momentum? According to Brownswell, the answer is yes – in fact, she’s seeing it increase in popularity. “People are playing with different shades of copper, too,” she adds. So if you’re still on the fence about this fiery Hue, now’s the time to ask your colorist for the right variation for your skin tone.


4D Balayage

According to Papanikolas, one-dimensional color will be replaced with high-contrast balayage this summer. “The updated version [of highlights] for 2022 uses a 4D technique where the Highlights are focused in four main areas: teasing out the ends, bold ‘V’-shaped Highlights, soft face-framing Highlights, and delicate Highlights through the crown, ”he says.

Shvonne Perkins, education manager at Madison Reed, also cites multi-dimensional balayage as a major trend on the rise. “It’s a true summer staple that can be fully customized, and is a great way to add dimension where growth is less noticeable,” she says.


Warm Auburn

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Brownswell says Salons are also getting more requests for warmer colors – besides copper, think deep Reds and auburns. “They have surged in popularity since Kendall Jenner, Phoebe Dynevor, Ashley Benson, and Barbie Ferreira have all changed their color recently,” she says. Considering the copper trend, it’s only logical that another variation of the red tone would quickly follow suit.

“Red hair can work with most skin tones, but not every red works with every skin tone, ” Papanicolas explains. “Golden and olive complexions look best with auburns, while fair skin looks best with copper and strawberry hues.” So while many celebs have opted for copper recently, stay tuned for an incoming Auburn moment.


Icy Blonde

On the opposite side of the warm Spectrum is a cold-as-ice silver blonde, which is set to come back with a Vengeance at the start of summer. “Blonde is eternally popular, and loads of celebrities – like Gigi Hadid, Stella Maxwell, and FKA Twigs – have gone back to blonde,” Brownsell explains, adding that she is seeing a rise in icy, silvery shades. Further proof? Dua Lipa debuted an icy blonde ‘do at the Grammys.


Strawberry Ginger

Now that red is bigger than ever, offshoots like strawberry blonde and apricot ginger are rising in popularity, too. “We’re starting to see it everywhere from fashion week to red carpets,” Perkins says of a strawberry blonde in particular. Brownsell, on the other hand, is seeing a surge in light gingers and hybrids of the two – think peach-meets-Ginger. So keep an eye out for lots of pink-ish Reds as temperatures rise.


Golden Brown

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And for the brunettes: “You’ll find all shades of brunette still on the rise, from light bronde to the deepest brown,” Perkins tells Bustle. But if there’s one specific shade that’s really taking off this season, it’s Hailey Bieber’s current Hue. “Hailey Bieber really kicked this trend off because I’ve had so many lighter-haired clients asking for her color,” says Jaclyn Curti, a colorist at Eva Scrivo Salon. “It’s definitely having a moment.”


Two-Toned Colors

Brownsell also points out that you’ll see an uptick in people Sporting two-toned hair colors this season. “People love getting those in-your-face shades as face-framing Bleach bits, or secret slices of color, because they’re great ways of experimenting without committing to a full head of Bleach,” she tells Bustle. You may have recently seen Megan Thee Stallion’s multicolored ‘do, or recall Bella Hadid’s multiple takes on the trend.


Neon Tints

Brownsell also predicts that acid tones – think neon reds, oranges, yellows, and greens – will be huge once the weather starts heating up. The trend started revealing itself on the Grammys red carpet, where celebs like Laverne Cox, Diplo, and Arlo Parks sported bold shades. “We’re already getting more requests for neon colors like lime, lemon, and orange,” says Brownsell.


“Pamcore” Blonde

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Finally, the ’90s blonde – also known as “mega blonde” or “Pamcore” blonde – is set to be the star of the summertime. “The unmissable shade can be seen on celebs like Nicola Peltz and Anya Taylor-Joy,” Papanikolas told Bustle. But the summer 2022 version in particular is “extra bright,” he says. “It usually involves lifting the base color for two to three shades, with the addition of tons of highlights.” Think: Pamela Anderson’s bright ’90s Hue.

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