Optical illusion: Strange detail in photo of two people hugging

A photo of two people hugging on a beach has raised eyebrows after people noticed something very strange about their legs.

Go out on a limb and see if you can work out what’s afoot in this brain-bending photo.

The viral pic of two people embracing on a beach has left millions asking the same question: whose legs are whose?

The image – titled “This hurts my brain” – has had more than two million views since it was posted on Reddit in 2016.

And people were left wondering if what they were seeing was even possible, The Sun. reports.

Some said the woman appears to be lifting the man off the ground – but her legs are in front of her partner while her torso is behind.

“I need an adult to help me here,” one Reddit user wrote in the comments.

Another said, “I don’t like this… it’s messing with me too much.”

The answer, it turns out, lies in the man’s two-tone shorts.

One Reddit Sleuth Revealed: “His shorts are two colors. White in the middle, black on the outside. I’m fun at parties, please invite me. ”

Another said: “OK this makes sense. The guy is wearing shorts that are black and white.

“The girl is wearing a black dress, which gives the illusion that the black part of the shorts goes higher than the white part, but it’s just her dress making it look that way.”

‘X-rated’ optical illusion

Also, a photo that many people thought was X-rated sent Reddit users into a Frenzy.

The photo left many people thinking the same rude thing. But it turned out the photo was innocent, showing two muscular legs next to each other.

Also, a photo of a cat walking on a flight of stairs sparked debate online.

The greyscale image shared by The Minds Journal, that first went viral in 2015, depicts a cat on a flight of stairs.

Whichever way you see the cat walking exposes your approach to life, new analysis claims.

If you think the cat is coming up the stairs, chances are that you have an optimistic view of life.

If you observed the cat walking down the stairs, you have a personality that is pessimistic and skeptic.

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