New staircase optical illusion stuns Reddit users – but can you see it?

A new optical illusion involving a graphic of a staircase has captivated thousands of Reddit users.

At first appearance, the image seems to be of a set of stairs that are descending from top to bottom.

But after following a few steps while viewing the picture on your mobile or tablet, the image will “Blow your mind”.

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“Turn your phone upside and blink once,” the instructions read.

Fans of the optical illusion say that if you do it properly, you can see the staircase now appear to move in a different direction.

Reddit users have been blown away by the brain teaser, with one describing it as “the best optical illusion I have seen”.

The new optical illusion has set tongues wagging. Credit: Reddit

“Holy moly. I’m going to be doing this for ages now, ”said one.

Added another: “Woah. My eyes are going crazy I feel like … ”

Wrote a third: “That caught me off guard.”

Said one more: “Was not expecting that. Woah. ”

Can you see it?

Others said they didn’t “even need to blink” to see the change.

“It also works if you just unfocus you eyes for a second,” offered another.

One more said: “I don’t know why, but it changes for me when I close my right eye, and then changes back when I open it again.”

For anyone struggling to see the change, one Reddit user Suggested closing your eyes while you flip the image.

“Some people don’t see the perspective shift if they keep looking while it rotates,” the user added.


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