Lake PS5, PS4 Release Announced

Lake PS5 and PS4 versions finally have a release date. The slice-of-life interactive story game will be released on Sony’s platforms on Friday, April 8th, following a successful launch on PC and Xbox consoles last September. Over on Twitter, Developer Gamious thanked PlayStation players for their Patience and said that it needed some extra development time.

Lake PS5 is getting a physical release

Perp Games has announced that it’ll release Lake Physically at Retailers worldwide. However, only the PS5 version of the game is listed on its website. It’s unclear if the PS4 version will get a physical release or not.

For the uninitiated, Lake is an open-world game that consists of free-roaming driving sim elements, and a story-driven point-and-click adventure. Set in 1986 in Providence Oaks, Oregon, the game has players assuming the role of Meredith Weiss, who leaves a flashy city life behind for two weeks to visit her Charming Lakeside Hometown and deliver mail on her father’s behalf as he’s out. When her two-week vacation is up, Meredith must decide if she wants to stay or return to her city life. Check out the brief trailer below.

According to Gamious, the game has been optimized for the PS5 but we’re not told what the optimizations entail. We’re assuming that it has a graphics mode or two, and utilizes the DualSense’s features.

In other news, Netflix’s The Witcher Season 3 is officially in production and we have the plot details, and Sony is working with over 200 partners on the new PS Plus library.

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