Return to office: How to connect your old life and new self

For many Canadians, adjusting to the COVID-19 Pandemic has led to a number of changes, both big and small. But work-from-home policies put in place by businesses have meant that for many people, these changes took place within the comfort of their own homes.

As Canadians continue to settle back into the office, it can be challenging to bridge the gap between their old life and new selves, said Hina Khan, a life coach based in Toronto.

“The Pandemic has [had] an emotional impact for so many of us, ”Khan told CTV’s Your Morning on Monday. “And so now, here we are… going back to an old environment, but so much has happened.”

Khan said that for some people, changes could be physical, such as embracing gray hairs or putting on some weight. Others might also have made changes to their overall lifestyle, such as no longer smoking or making time for a walk every day after lunch.

“You may still have been in contact with your coworkers, but virtually,” said Khan. “You don’t notice these changes [and] you would not necessarily know of these things. ”

In order to make the most of the transition back into the office, it’s important to avoid falling back into the old Habits, Khan said. One step that can be taken to signal your new self involves refreshing your work desk to make it more reflective of the new you.

Khan also recommends setting boundaries around work and being transparent about what they look like. This can include adding a line at the bottom of your emails to let others know when your work hours are, and creating an ideal calendar with new habits in mind so they are easier to stick to.

“As you’re going back to the office, you want to be very intentional and clear about your own boundaries and what you’re available for,” she said. “Remove yourself from those conversations or anything that’s no longer a fit.”

Watch the full video with CTV’s Your Morning at the top of this article for Khan’s advice on how to bridge the gap between your old life and your new self.


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