Ways to add colour to your life at work

Maybe, it’s time to swap your crisp white shirt for something with a bit more Personality and spunk or toss that pair of formal pants for bottoms that are colorful, chic and comfortable in equal measures. This season, let your key workwear pieces undergo a makeover. “Workwear has evolved from being formal and stiff to more relaxed and unconventional. Perhaps, this change is because of the Covid-led WFH Revolution, more youth-oriented urban jobs, media exposure and globalization. These factors have changed the established and accepted norms of dressing at work, “says designer Shruti Shah. During the week, we spend the majority of our time in the office and what you wear at work does affect your fashion and productivity. “For some, wearing something conventional is always a safe decision, but showingcasing one’s Distinctive style always brings compliments and makes one feel confident and joyful. Sporting fun attire at work instils confidence and individuality in the workplace,” says Shahin Manan.

Refresh office wear but maintain the decorum

It should be a feel-good factor to dress up to work every day, depending on one’s profession. “A crisp white shirt, pencil skirt and relaxed pant suits always add an element of glamor,” says designer Aina Mahajan. However, one should always keep it simple and classic and use colors only to add an extra edge to the look. “Fluorescent Colors are a big no as they are too Stark for the workplace. Think muted tones, solid shirts in warmer hues and more for your Workwear wardrobe,” adds Mahajan. If you’re usually used to wearing a subtle look at work, start with small doses of color rather than going all out. “Start with one colorful piece and keep the rest of your outfit neutral if you’re hesitant to add color to your look. The days of matching your handbag and shoes are long gone. A bold fashion statement is made with clashing textures and patterns, “Adds Manan

Fun ways to add color to your workplace attire

1. Accessorise with colorful accessories – Colorful accessories such as a watch, shoes, socks, scarves etc. For example, a vibrant watch is a terrific and easy way to add color to your business clothing.

2. Balanced approach – Tops, shirts and blouses are one of the simplest ways to add color to a workplace look, while skirts and slacks can be neutral.

3. Prints – Using prints to add color and wearing contrasting prints to avoid visual clashes offers a Trendy and comfortable Aesthetic.

4. Layering – To bring out the desired colors, layer your Workwear with a contrasting blazer / summer jacket.

5. Bag it – A tote bag in a non-neutral color is always a fun element to the outfit.

The Onset of the Pandemic has changed the entire work scenario all over the world. Employees now have adapted to work from the comfort of their homes and organizations have to focus on various factors to bring back their employees to the offline setup again. “Redesigning the offices along with more focus on the interiors is one such step every organization has to consider to make the workplace more attractive and engaging to employees. The traditional cubicle, glass chamber set up has become a thing of the past with employees expecting a more inclusive offices at work. With offices set to resume offline operations shortly, many employees are looking forward to office spaces which Blend Elegance with comfort while being functional and fun, “says interior designer Shefali Sahej. It is the right time for organizations to revamp their office space to suit their employee’s needs and demands. With a focus on modern Aesthetic designs, employee engagement and productivity are bound to improve through Collaboration, creativity, thereby increasing employee efficiency.


Striped pantsuits with neutral base colors can add a pop of color to your workwear. Pantsuits are in vogue as they are comfortable, strong and make a statement.

– Designer Aina Mahajan

There is a growing need for workwear that transitions to a post-work look without too much effort. While you may try to pack long hours at work, a session at the gym, a visit to the grocery store, a coffee date with a friend and much more in a day’s schedule, you want to sport something that you can carry effortlessly from your office to a coffee shop.

– Stylist Chandni Bhatia


1. Brighten up the walls with artwork

You can change the entire look and feel of your office space by adding premium wall art. Millennials and Gen Z today like the work atmosphere to be vibrant and engaging with a pop of bright colors. A plain and dull working bay often makes the employees lose interest. Therefore, it is important to deck the work environment and the work area with vibrant wall arts.

2. Give importance to ergonomic seating arrangements

After working from a home office setup for the past 19 months, re-aligning to working in the office setup with colleagues as a team is going to pose a challenge. Therefore, firms need to invest in ergonomic seating arrangements in attractive designs and colors to ensure a comfortable and healthy work atmosphere.

3. Setup a well-stocked pantry with a good cutlery collection

With a focus on hygiene and safety after the Pandemic, the employees would be keen on having an individual set of cutlery like coffee mugs, plates, bowls at the office. A collection of attractive and fine cutlery sets is bound to make employees happy while they enjoy their breaks during coffee and lunch breaks.

4. Go green with plants

Plants bring cheer to workplaces Apart from being a stress buster, especially bonsai or desk plants. They are low maintenance as well. Adding these special fixtures to employees’ workstations is bound to make them feel special and will add to employee retention. This will also promote a green concept in your office space.


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