Box Office Trends: Yet another jump for The Kashmir Files despite RRR: Headed for a Rs 8 crore third Saturday

After creating a rampage at the box office by collecting Rs 207 crore through its 14 day run, The Kashmir Files finally slowed down a bit on its third Friday with a figure of Rs 4.50 crore nett. Despite the release of RRR, the distributors managed to fetch reasonable showcasing for The Kashmir Files in its third week. Early Trends suggests that The Kashmir Files is back on track yet again as the movie is headed for a 8 crore day at the box office.

This will take the 16-day total of this Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri directorial to Rs 219 crore and the film will be targeting to hit the double digit mark on its third Sunday. The Kashmir Files is now headed at a lifetime total in the vicinity of Rs 275 crore, and with this, it would emerge one of the biggest blockbusters of Hindi cinema in terms of return on investment.

The movie has been made on a restrained budget of Rs 15 crore, with an additional Rs 10 crore spent on print and publicity taking the overall cost to Rs 25 crore. As compared to this, they have already fetched revenues worth Rs 135 crore from Theatrical and non Theatrical medium with an earth shattering return on investment of 440%. The average occupancy of The Kashmir Files for the evening and night shows across the belt is 51 percent and this will go closer to 70 percent with spot bookings. The nett total in advance for the evening and night shows of The Kashmir Files stands at 2.30 crore, and these shows alone will put up a nett figure closer to the 4 crore range.

The Kashmir Files has an outside chance of touching the 8.5 crore mark as well, although a lot would depend on spot bookings. The film is a historic blockbuster that has come out of Syllabus for the trade, however, it has brought a wide smile on the faces of exhibitors across the Nation. The Biz is impacted a little by RRR in its third week, however, it’s still managing to stand its ground, primarily due to a well-planned showcasing strategy, based on demand from the audience and collecting numbers across the belt.

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