Top tips to navigating a spring clean of your life, from clearing your head to feeling motivated

The clocks go forward this weekend, meaning we have lighter and longer evenings to look forward to after a long, heavy-feeling winter. If you are like me, you have probably felt a huge sense of relief. There always seems to be one specific moment – maybe a bit of Sunshine on my face or hearing a bird or seeing a daffodil or not needing my coat – when I suddenly realize that spring has arrived.

Spring cleaning is typically associated with sorting out and organizing your home, opening windows and dusting things off. And with spring comes a Psychological, mental and emotional opportunity, too: an opportunity to step back, look at things and reorganize and refresh your mind, and in doing so, your life.

The act of physical spring cleaning is in itself psychologically helpful – that feeling of simplifying your home environment and having everything nice and clean. And I think the same is true of a spring clean for our minds – allowing all of the ‘old stuff’ that doesn’t serve us any more to leave, to make room for new stuff to come in.

If we don’t have a clear-out now and again, there can be no space or time for something different to come in. Every now and again it is an excellent idea to have a reset and really clarify the direction your life is going in.

So how do we go about having a spring clean of our lives?

Make time for it

Life is busy and it is all too easy to just carry on with the routine and automated activities that you have already been engaged with. There may also be fear associated with changing things up. For these reasons, we can procrastinate – knowing that things aren’t quite working as we would wish them to, but just saying we are too busy, or just making the effort to make the time. However, if something is important, you make time for it. And clearing time in your Diary to really sit down and reflect on things is essential. Just like you need to clear a weekend for a good home spring clean, you need to make time for this, too.

Notice what has been working and what hasn’t

We can’t clear stuff out or reorganize a room if we don’t know exactly what is in it. And it is the same with a life spring clean – get clear about what your current situation is. General, non-specific feelings are no good – we need to sit down and really ask ourselves the questions. What is working? What isn’t? Be totally honest. Maybe a friend you trust can help you work through this, not giving their opinion but just asking the questions that can help you come to your own conclusion. Look at where you are putting your energy right now and the consequences of that. If something was to shift, what opportunities would open up and how would your life look different? Write things down, get specific and get detailed.

Do the work

It’s that moment when you face a pile of stuff that you have enthusiastically unloaded and emptied every cupboard in your kitchen and are now faced with the reality that you need to do the work of cleaning, sorting and reorganizing. When we do a life spring clean, we have to put in the hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right intention, the right motivation and determination, and small steps, we can get there. Be persistent, be clear, and remember why you are putting the effort in.

If we have a little life spring clean every now and again, then just as the clocks go forward to bring more light, so we can move forward with our lives and fill the space we have created with newness and more Authenticity

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