PS5 System Update Adds Instant Game Response

PS5 system update 2.01- has already been out for several days and has already been quite a stir. But in the midst of it all, the update has added a feature that has only been noticed recently: Instant Game Response.

What is the PS5 update’s Instant Game Response feature?

As you might recall, this latest PS5 system update is the one responsible for knocking out the PlayStation Network before Sony fixed it as fast it could and includes a host of new features for accessibility, chat, and UI. That doesn’t even mention the game base and updated Trophy cards.

But even when looking through the full detailed list of additions for the update, it doesn’t say a word about Instant Game Response. However, several users on the PS5 official Reddit noticed that they would get a notification prompt in the top-right corner of their screens with the following message: “The Instant Game Response is launched.” This was specific to users with certain LG TVs like the LG CX, LG UH770V, LG Nano Cell 8100 series, and other LG models, according to users in the thread.

Those with an Xbox Series Console might recognize Instant Game Response, otherwise known as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), as the ability for the Console to tell the TV to automatically switch between various picture modes. In this particular case, that’s the ability to switch between cinema mode, meant for watching movies and TV, and game mode, meant to reduce input lag for gaming.

Without Instant Game Response, users have to manually toggle the mode every time they want to move between these different forms of media. A note of caution, though: Some users have reportedly experienced black screens due to this feature, so turning it off could fix the problem. Instant Game Response also apparently shuts off True Motion options in, say, Red Dead Redemption 2.

In other news, The Wolf Among Us 2 won’t require you having played the first game, and the release date for A Plague Tale: Requiem might have been leaked.

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