Meet APEFUEL, the official drink of the metaverse

Thanks to Almond Breeze, the Metaverse now has an official drink.

Entering the world of Metaverse, Almond Breeze released a new limited-edition collection of banana almond milk-themed NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) specifically for the apes of Metaverse.

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What we know about Almond Breeze APEFUEL, the official drink of the Metaverse

Fuel for the apes of the Metaverse

Reminiscing the time when only ape-themed NFTs were the real deal in the virtual world, Almond Breeze’s exclusive APEFUEL drink is considered to be the fuel for the apes of the Metaverse, including NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and their owners.

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Almond Breeze’s initiative – APEFUEL – is a collection of NFTs that feature artwork designed by people at TBWA / Chiat / Day LA. Explaining the idea behind the limited collection of NFTs, the official website of the company said, “Apes run the Metaverse. But what do apes run on? Almond Breeze created 1,000 Banana Breeze NFTs because, Let’s face it, the apes have been without a beverage for too long. Three, randomly selected, super rare NFTs will come with a year’s supply of Almond Breeze Banana. ”

More about the NFTs

Official drink of Metaverse
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Almond Breeze launched the collection of 1,000 free NFTs on March 16th. Among these, there are three rare randomly selected NFTs, the owners of these will get a year-long supply of Almond Breeze Banana Milk. Moreover, these NFTs are free to mint, with the company covering the gas fee and five percent of each resale will be donated to Future Farmers of America.

Future Plans

Creative Director at TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles, Bert Marissen shared what his plans for the future of the digital world look like. He said, “We’re just scratching the surface with NFTs, and in the future we’ll see more and more executions that connect the physical and virtual worlds and flex from art to Utility. If we’re going to be spending our lives in the Metaverse, it only makes sense for a brand like Almond Breeze to be there, having established itself as the official drink of the Metaverse with the community’s support. ”

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