Insights into latest wellness trends in chocolate

Delicate and rich in flavor, it is no surprise that chocolate is one of the world’s most favored treats. Here at Luker Chocolate, we believe that when done right, chocolate can create indulgent moments that fit into the trend of wellness.

As a B4B chocolate manufacturer working with some of the UK’s top chocolatiers, Luker Chocolate has seen wellness become a major trend in the past 18 months, with 17.6% of all new UK chocolate launches announcing a vegan or plant based claim. *

Over the course of the past few years, it is evident that chocolate consumers are looking to brand owners and chocolatiers for an indulgent treat that fits their wellness plan. Below are some of the key Trends within wellness that Luker believes are here to stay.

Paul Morris, European sales manager at Luker Chocolate.

Oat milk continues to lead the way

The appeal and popularity of oat milk has sky-rocketed over the last year with sales of the drink doubling. Not only is oat milk popular with vegans or free-from consumers, but those who just enjoy the taste. Existing plant-based chocolate options to date have mainly consisted of high-quality dark chocolate, with a Cocoa content of 50% or more. Now, due to oat milk’s creamy consistency, free-from consumers can indulge in a range of milk chocolates and even white chocolates too.

Reducing sugar intake

Reducing sugar intake is a classic method for being healthier. While chocolate is not a health product, Cocoa does have well-documented antioxidant qualities. But many manufacturers add a lot of sugar to turn Cocoa into a consumer chocolate product. For those wanting a completely sugar-free alternative, there is not much choice on the shelves. However, demand is increasing. Over the past year, Britain has claimed the highest proportion of European food and drink launches with a ‘no added sugar’ claim *.


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