Budget: Lifeline’s $52.3m funding boost to save more lives

Lifeline Australia will receive an additional $ 52.3m over four years to boost its Vital services, with the Prime Minister acknowledging its critical work.

Lifeline Australia will receive an extra $ 52.3m over four years to boost its services by about one million calls and texts per year by 2026.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison received the funding recognized for the critical support the service provided to Australians.

The new funding will help Lifeline meet the growing demand for its services, and maintain and improve infrastructure and responsiveness.

It will also help to Invest in innovation linked to crisis response, surge capacity and models of care.

“We are boosting our support once again to ensure that Lifeline can continue to be one of Australia’s most trusted, Greatest supporters both now and in the future,” Mr Morrison said.

“This funding means that next year Lifeline will be able to take an extra 176,000 calls or texts from Australians, or an extra 3900 every day.

“By 2026, this will grow to an extra one million calls or texts from Australians every year.”

Mr Morrison took on Lifeline’s critical role had never been more evident than during the Covid-19 Pandemic and recent natural disasters.

“When Covid had many Australians feeling like they were alone, Lifeline was there,” they said.

“When bushfires or floods left many feeling helpless, Lifeline was there.

“Or, when any given day had many feelings like life was tough, Lifeline was there.

“Lifeline is lifesaving, and that’s why our investment is so important.”

Health and Aged Care Minister Greg Hunt noted Lifeline was Australia’s largest provider of suicide prevention services.

“Any member of the community can pick up the phone, send a text or go online and receive assistance from Lifeline,” he said.

“Their support has helped to save lives and to protect lives.”

State by state breakdowns of Lifeline calls answered so far this year:

ACT – 5322

NSW – 74,214

NT – 885

Qld – 42,537

SA – 19.484

That – 3239

Vic – 63,984

WA – 15,642

TOTAL – 225,551


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