Hale Lions Murder Mystery serves food, raises funds | Entertainment

The Hale Lions Club Hosted a Murder Mystery over the weekend, Saturday, March 12 for an afternoon of intrigue, excitement and Italian food.

Hosted in the Cafeteria of the Eagle Point Plaza, family and friends of the Tortellini Brothers gathered together for the last wine auction at their winery may ever hold.

Hale Lion and event co-Coordinator Cheryl McDonell said Murder Mysteries are a good excuse for the community to go outside.

“We get to do something in the winter that’s not sitting at home. It usually gets everybody out and about when it’s cold outside and not a lot going on. ”

The Tortellini Brothers Winery was established in 1909 by Frank Tortellini, producing “very rare and very coveted” Cabernet Sauvignons.

Frank died and his estate is up for sale, with some family members winning and others losing.

Troubles started with Georgio’s death, Frank’s Grandson. His will named some people while leaving others out.

The cast of kooky characters were played by various Lions club members and friends of said members.

Roger Houthhoofd played Carmine Blance, Georgio Tortellini’s driver and executor of his estate.

Amanda Goodman played Olive Tortellini, Georgio’s eldest daughter. She wants to sell the Winery to her boyfriend, Joe Bob Biggs.

Cheryl McDonell played Toni Tortellini, one of Georgio’s daughters who would do anything to hold on to the winery.

Cindy Holland played Jessie Jones, a local law and FBI reject who claims her father was unjustly fired from the Tortellini Winery.

Paul Grabastanowicz played Joe Bob Biggs, a land developer who owns an acreage adjacent to the winery.

Don McDonell played Nigel Tuesday, a lily-livered mama’s boy who’s often taken advantage of because of his Wealth and his inability to say no.

Larry Holland played Angel “The Eggplant” Serra, Carmine’s tough guy crony.

Finally, Sandi McParlan played Nannie Nurse Cratchet, Nigel’s home care nurse and substitute mother.

As the dinner began, Carmine was murdered, and later on so was Toni.

Joe Bob was the culprit, “and he did it for the money. They had an opportunity to make a large amount of money if they got the Winery and they had to knock off a couple of people to get there, ”said Don McDonell.

His wife Cheryl researches Murder Mysteries to play for these dinners when they want to raise funds for the Lions.

80 people attended this hour and 45 minute event. 13 people figured out who did it. They got a gift certificate from the Victorian cafe and a bottle of wine.

Don got the key to crafting a good Murder Mystery is to focus on interactions and have a good group of players that get out there and mingle with the crowd.

Funds were raised for the Hale Area Lions Club general fund.


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