Your spring arts and entertainment guide for New York City 2022

With winter finally coming to its blustery close, New Yorkers are finally beginning to see the glimpses of spring and all the wonderful attractions available in the city. Celebrate the return of warm weather and all the season has to offer by taking a look through some events opening around the city.

Arts & Museums

Celebrate the beautiful varieties of flora and fauna, artfully arranged by Celebrity florist, Jeff Leatham in his “Kaleidoscope” exhibition at the 19th annual Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden. The show is available through May 1, running from 10 am to 6 pm.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is re-hosting their exhibition on Japanese artistic style and dress which runs until April 24. There you can learn more about the influences Japanese style had on Western art as well as admire the beautiful pieces of art, clothing, jewelry and more as you wander through the museum.

A public art exhibition by Hidemi Takagi explores the Herkimer Street Stoop interviews of Bed-Stuy Residents, celebrating an oral history of the people of the Brooklyn community. The exhibition is available for viewing until April 3 at the Potomac Playground on 446 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn.

The Collision Project – a diverse and flexible venue for artists and Visionaries to exhibit their artwork – is featuring several exhibitions, including interactive rooms and experiences.

Artist Tómas Saraceno is exhibiting his Particular Matter (s) installation featuring a commissioned sensory experience centered on air, the Cosmic web and spiderwebs. Arachnaphobes beware!

Performing Arts

Start your spring off right with “Sounds of Spring,” a symphonic Celebration of the season at Carnegie Hall on March 29, with performances from the Permonik Choir Karvina, Akademos High School Choir, Susan E. Wagner High School Concert Chorus, Arrowhead High School Wind Ensemble and the Susan E. Wagner High School Wind Ensemble.

Also coming to town are Singers Lorde (April 19) and Charli XCX (April 23) and what better way to hop into the spring season than by boogie-ing to some pop? The Zombies (April 16) may not be the first band that comes to mind when you think of spring, but really what is more spring-like than rising back from the dead (of winter)?

Outdoor activities

One of the best things to do in Rejuvenate after a long cold winter – besides a good old fashioned spring cleaning – is to get your hands on some dirt and start gardening. For garden lovers without access to their own Oasis, visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s website to register for a gardening class April 10. Or for those with little ones, register them for the Queens Botanical Garden’s classes starting April 2 and ending June 4.

For those more inclined to look than dig, the spring bird walks (April 2) with NYC Audubon are perfect for those interested in learning more about the wildlife surrounding them. Another great sightseeing event is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Central Park (May 1). If Central Park still sounds a little too busy for your tastes, try the Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Bike Ride (April 10) where you can view the cherry blossom bloom while still getting some exercise in!

Another bike ride attraction perfect for the spring-time cyclist is the TD Five Boro Bike tour, an opportunity to bike through all five of NYC’s boroughs on the streets free of cars! Cyclists of all skill levels are invited to join the May 1 event.


Opened last spring, the man-made Little Island in the Hudson River Park is an excellent place to visit on a warm day. The island is 2.4 Acres of modern architecture, foliage and is one of the best places for a leisurely stroll. Entrance is free and untimed from 6 am to 11 pm.

If you’re in the mood for some spring-time cuisine, the New York Indonesian Food and Beverage Festival is just the thing. Celebrate Indonesian culture and food at this family-friendly festival and eat up!

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