Unacast Expands Its Location Data Solution to Include UK Trends

Enhanced mobility Trends in data will enable better decision-making

NEW YORK, March 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Unacast, a global location data and analytics firm, announced today that it has expanded its human mobility data solution to include Trends for the UK. Customers will now have access to clean, location data-based Trends across the UK that provide precise foot traffic Insights that will enable better business decisions.

This expansion comes on the heels of the company’s launch of international aggregated data sets. The UK Trends Capability builds on that launch to provide a Deeper level of analysis into these data sets. This provides insight into foot traffic for specific locations and areas, allowing businesses to see how foot traffic in their stores compare to similar stores around them.

Unacast has done extensive work to aggregate and clean the data, allowing customers to choose any number of places and define the exact Geographic area to Capture only the foot traffic they want to understand, rather than muddling the data with incidental traffic that is not relevant for their needs.

These Trends represent a new level of precision, allowing businesses to retrieve data for any level of granularity, such as a particular store front, a chain of hotels, a park or a city limit to provide accessible location data they can use to make business decisions . Unacast’s process maintains enough granularity to provide helpful demographics while keeping the identity of consumers safe.

Frode BjerkeChief Technology Officer, Unacast, said: “Businesses need aggregated, usable data about Visitation Trends in the UK to make business decisions and potentially open up new revenue Streams. With this new offering, customers in the UK or with UK-based businesses or offices can now use our data-based Trends to achieve greater insight into foot traffic within specific Geographic outlines. “

About Unacast
Unacast is a human mobility data company committed to understanding how people move around on the planet. Sophisticated and data-driven commercial real estate professionals, Retailers, researchers, analysts and data Scientists use our Real World Graph®, the most accurate understanding of human activity in the physical world. Visit us online at www.unacast.com.

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