Theaters and Stars of a Bygone Era

Editor’s Note: In Collaboration with the Bartlesville Area History Museum, the Examiner-Enterprise has Revived the late Edgar Weston’s ‘Revisiting the Past’ columns that ran in the newspaper from 1997-99. Weston’s columns recount the history of Bartlesville as well as Washington, Nowata and Osage counties.

Theaters seem to develop in the plans and Minds of people and some continue to develop until they are a reality, but some remain in the planning stage.

The Crown Theater, built March 4, 1937, is on the site of the old Mueller Hardware Store at 318 S. Johnstone Ave. had its grand opening on May 13, 1937.

The largest, now elite theater in Bartlesville was planned by CE Burlingame and the Maire Brothers, owners of the Maire Hotel at 4th Street and Johnstone Avenue. They planned to have an elaborate entrance and marquee rising up to 70 feet that could be seen at a great distance across Bartlesville. The Architects drawings were quite elaborate and great plans were made in preparation for the beginning of construction.

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